Yes, we exist! We girls don’t wear makeup like other women and trust us, we are not from different planets. Stop treating us as aliens. How many of us would have weird experiences for not wearing makeup? “Not even lip balm? Oh, Gosh!” If you are one among them, you can relate to these six realities,

Are you ill?


When a girl misses to wear kajal for a day, all her fellows will buzz her whether she is ill or have she cried. We don’t have such issues. We can be as we want to, as our friends got used to our face.

Time saver!


Oh, Yeah! We need not get up early to portion out our time for grooming. We can get up by 8 and be ready by 8.10 just like the guys. We can save a butt load of time by not watching makeup tutorials, braids and hairstyle tutorials. A single hairband is more than enough for us.

Travelling is a cakewalk!


Like other women, we don’t want to allot a huge space for the makeup kit. Getting a new bag or organisers can be omitted. Any regular bag would be fine for us.



Truth is, a huge amount of our bucks can be reserved by not trying new brands and styles. We don’t want to be updated all time about the current fashion trend and never want to take efforts to buy all those and try it on your face and hair.

Real you!


“Real you” are the “confident you”- That’s my positive thought of not wearing makeup. You can show what you really are by being yourself. Confidence to do something comes from you and not from your makeover.

That’s all we could pile up from our experiences. What we really wanted to jot down is “Every girl is beautiful in her own way and the saddest notion is Girls have to wear makeup! Love the way you are. Self-love is the most needed love. Only you can be there for you all the time. If you think you can handle a situation just by being you, you are the strongest of all.

Way to go, girls!

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