Yeah, we do know it is tough to get settled in a new place all of a sudden. But you love your partner so much that you will cross boundaries for him/her and it is never wrong. Wherever we go, none of the companies change the office timings and we will be away from the only known person in that country around 8-9 hours every day and we will have no clue what to do and how to spend the entire day. Here are few things I have gathered that would help if you are one among them.

Learn a language.


If you are in a place where people can understand English then it is totally fine. But if you are stuck in a country where they all encourage conversing in their own language then it is best to learn their language. You can also brag that you have added a new one to your *known languages list*



Anybody could get bored if you stare at your laptop, mobile, walls for more than an hour. Its better if you just come out of your line and go around to check the places around. Not just the nearby shop; you can take any train or bus to go to the adjacent areas to discover. Maybe you can suggest your partner next time regarding restaurants or shopping malls. Just download Google maps and let it take you places.

Career perspective


If you really think you are wasting your education for no cause then you can take up some interviews of your field. It would be nice to take a break from your regular life.

Get engaged


No No! We meant that you can indulge in any thrilling activity. Experience all the adventures before it is too late. People say experience before getting married but we personally think enjoying the thrills with your life partner is the best of all. He/she is the best companion you could ever find. Lucky ones get to do with their soulmates. You may not get the time if you move back to your place. This is the right moment to encounter all of your bucket list.

No more excuses


Before getting married you would have given excuses for not taking care of your health. But now, you have plenty of time to look after you. So, hit the gym, take dance classes, do yoga or jog every day.

Break the rules


If you were brought up by a strict family then you must do this. There are no laws to get up early even during weekends and you can stay up all night if you want to as nobody would question you. Party around, try different cuisinesand enjoy doing whatever you wanted to do when you were single.



Not just learning a new language or doing a PG, you can really learn a lot if you are married. You would know how to run a family. You will be more responsible, you will understand that losing an argument is the least you can do to your partner and you will get the best roommate to share the rest of your life. Best of all, you will experience all these in a different land.

We guess the above hints will be helpful if you are already in foreign land or if you are gonna marry someone who is working abroad. Just live every moment of your life and share the best and worst moments with your partner 😊 😊