Actor Sindhuja’s Kambalipoochi

Actor Sindhuja’s கம்பளிபூச்சி!

This short film was selected and released in “Movie Buff First Clap Season 2” where it deals with an answerable issue which happens to a small girl. She finds the same man who did the wrong deed to her after many years and rest is the climax.

This story explains child harassment in a neat and polished way and the message is well received by the audience.

The opening scene is a bride waiting for her groom and the groom’s dad places a small girl on her lap and be kind to her. When the bride comes with a coffee tray , she was asked if she need to talk to the groom for a while before fixing the engagement.

But, she confesses that she need to talk to the groom’s father and all are puzzled including us.She then says to the groom’s dad that she was one of his students’ in school and was harassed by him. The groom’s dad goes speechless and cancels the engagement.

Director: VG Balasubramanian
Director of Photography : Jenson Singarajah
Music Director Sundaramurthy KS