After all, priorities

All these years, I neither spent time for myself nor my family. I was busy running either behind my job or the people who said that they would stay but didn’t. I was just like the ‘typical’ twenties kid who believed that friends are the world and I used to put their ‘likes and dislikes’ before everything.

All I wanted was to see the smile on those friends. I tricked myself that their happiness is also mine.
Coming to my job part, I write.
I write all the crappy things and I work for my company like literally every single day for like 13 hours. I know it’s super hectic, but since I do what I love, I never felt tired but yes, hectic.

This forced me to stay alone in my room for like uncountable hours. I hated to be disturbed. I kept venting out my anger, and stress on my parents but I never felt ashamed of that until that day.

It was another normal day, I was venting out my anger on them, but this time, I noticed those wrinkles on the face of my mom. It shook me.

I realized how badly I was responding to them all these years. I realized how bad they would have felt every time I scolded them. For all the love and care they had given me, all I did in return was to show my anger and hurt them.

Tears rolled down.

That was the day I promised myself to treat them well.
I promised myself to keep my anger with myself and smile no matter what.
I promised myself to spend more time with my family, talk, and listen to their stuff.
I promised myself to give back the love to them.

It’s been few days since I started doing this. Yes, my parents were surprised, but they were happy. I could see them smile a lot more now and this feeling is something unexplainable.

Finally, I realized to prioritize the right people.
Finally, I realized what’s the real love and affection is.

When we are busy running behind other people, take a deep breath to realize that your parents are growing old too and they need special attention. After all, priorities.