Ahead of Diwali, Chennai’s Ranganathan Street sees huge crowd

Despite all the warning regarding the coronavirus, pandemic, social distancing and everything, the craze for Diwali shopping has taken over.

It is usual to see huge crowd at the Ranganathan Street during this time of the year but coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown was supposed to keep people in check. Well, it looks like nobody cares about it anymore and the last Sunday was a prove of it.

The streets of Ranganathan Street was overflowing with crowd who didn’t follow any physical distancing.

Though there were barricades, a separate enter and exit, people seemed less bothered about the situation and the police men tried their best to keep it low.

The GCC and health department have made arrangements to reign in crowds following this debacle. They are making sure to regulate the crowd, and are inspecting the shops and are trying to collect huge fines.

A few days ago, a video of crowded Kumaran Silks surfaced on the internet. Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) ended up shutting down and sealing the showroom.

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