Airport Emotions

‘Your favourite place?
you must be mad. Whenever I think of them, all I can remember is how I keep missing things. This place is like a hell’.
A friend of mine responded when I texted her about how much I love going to the airport.

No, I’m not talking about wanderlust stuff. It’s just that I love to go to the airport. Well, most of you will be thinking how insane I must be, but for me, Airport is the place where I see pure raw emotions.

To break it down,
An airport is a place where I get the vibes of real emotions all around. Some laughs, some cries, some anger, even some proposal (yeah, movies).

We literally see all kinds of emotions under the same roof. Also, I felt it all.

At the arrival, I have seen and heard stories from many old parents about their children who live in abroad visits them once in a while. At the departure, I have seen brothers and sisters who fight for like every single thing, shedding tears. I mean, these moments are super special. You might not get to see it anywhere. I have seen many people confess things.

I always loved to see people’s emotions because that’s precious.

In a nutshell, I see the airport gateways as a gateway to new life and opportunity. It’s a starting point for something important. Once you cross that gateway, your life can never be the same. You certainly will learn many new things. You grow.

Also, there are the portals which will bring you back to the place you belong. The place you call ‘The Home’.