An open letter to Steve Smith

Dear Smith,

I don’t know what you are going through right now, but I still can feel the depth of it. The past few days weren’t too good for you, but I’m proud of you. It takes guts to admit mistakes. Accepting your mistakes will only make you stronger.
You are strong enough to put yourself in front, to take the blame all by yourself.
I have seen you all these years, From a rookie spinner who can bat to the ‘accidental’ hero of the modern times. You were a prodigy, an epitome of greatness in test cricket, a perfect role model for the children.

The outstanding hand-eye coordination coupled with unusual bat angles, exceptional concentration and reflexes to die for, saw you rise to Bradmanesque stature. One of the fighters of the game, who always wanted to win. I do remember those matches which you singlehandedly won for your team.

Just three months ago, you were the star of your team. When everyone failed, as always you stood up.

That double hundred at WACA, and an undefeated 141 at Gabba literally took you to the status just next to Bradman.

I can never rub that celebration off my mind. That fuming look you had on your face, the kiss to your helmet badge, and thumbing to your chest gave me the utmost satisfaction of watching a great batsman. Probably, the best Test player of my generation. When most of the people in my country go gaga about Kohli, You are my star in the longer format.

At the age of 28, you had the world at your feet. You literally destroyed everyone who came in your way.

Today, You destroyed yourself. You are fallen.

Everything you worked for all these years is snatched by a moment of madness which will stay with you forever.
When you were treated like a criminal when you walked through the airport, and when the bystanders booed and called you a cheat, It was just too much for me.
Then, when you addressed the press in Sydney where you failed to hold on your emotions, made me equally emotional. I wanted to hug you and say that things will be alright. Always, watching your role model emotional is painful.
You know what, I was told by my parents that better day is always around the corner.
Everyone will go through the same amount of negative events in their life. Maybe you had it all in this week.
I know how it feels to be at the receiving end. It is not going to be easy but you got to be kind to yourself. The path to the recovery will be long and rocky mixed with dark times, but I wish you the quickest recovery.
To end this, I’m and I will always be proud you and your achievements which are beyond your age.