Are newspapers dying?

First of all, who are reading newspapers? Let it be english or regional. How many go through the headlines? How many turn the pages from the back? So why this is all happening?

We all know about our parents. Most of our elders are fond of reading newspaper with a hot coffee. They are doing from their teenage. When did this gradually stop? How poor are we about our nation’s growth? If we want to rate ourselves between 1 to 10, what is the score we would get? Not much, right? Is this a healthy transformation?


You would have got regional newspapers in your home. Your teachers and neighbors would have asked you to read those english newspapers to improve your knowledge in english and to upgrade your vocabulary.

Major complain about the regional newspapers is that, it is totally about the local news like murder, rape, robbery. Do we really need to skip those issues? Are those issues petty? Not at all. When we are not focussing on the problems around us, how come we will care about the entire nation or the world. What are we going to do about something that happened in New Delhi or Assam if we are not able to realise the cause of something that happened with 100-kilometre radius around us.

Why newspapers are dying?

  • We get all the breaking news in the form of memes and stories in social media.
  • We all lack the interest in journalism.
  • Televisions are ruining us.
  • We get the information for free in our mobile applications.
  • We are totally lethargic.
  • People think newspapers are only for old people.
  • Just hold a newspaper and read any column of your choice, once.

    Bring back the paper boy!