Arjun Reddy remake- Varmaa to start from the scratch, with a different director!

The Telugu Movie Arjun Reddy which has attained the cult status and has a great following all over India. The movie which is now being remade in various languages was supposed to be Varmaa in Tamil under Bala’s direction.

The movie which will mark the debut of Vikram’s son Dhruvv though was heavily trolled for the first look poster had a good response for the trailer which was released recently.

While the movie is all set to release soon, the producers E4 entertainment had a press release stating that they are not happy with the final product and due to the cultural differences the movie will be entirely shot from the first with a different director and there will be a change in entire cast and crew except for Dhruv Vikram who has been retained to do the same role.

There will be announcements regarding the cast soon and the producers are aiming for 2019 June release.

This is the boldest move I have ever seen in recent times.