As Gayle plays his potentially last World Cup…

Every World Cup, there are a few legends who leaves us all with dry eyes. Sometimes, It’s hard because they go back empty-handed. Sometimes, it’s hard because they go with plenty and the harsh reality of age gets the better of them. Last but not least. Sometimes, it’s hard because they are the best entertainers of the game and you know you are going to miss them more.

Gayle is definitely one of a kind. From the 2003 World Cup to 2019 World Cup we have seen different Gayles. Some were just Gayle, some were the universal boss, some were the Gaylestorm while in a few we saw just another simple player. All these years, Gayle might have grown, he might have different roles in the team but there isn’t a minute on the field he failed to give his 100%, never did he fail to entertain us, never did he fail to enjoy the game.

He lives in the moment and dies for the moment. Such players are rare. We definitely will see a lot of hitters but we will never have another Gayle, ever.

Thank you, Gayle. You might not be the World Cup hero but you are nothing short of that. You always will be missed in the World Cup (Guessing that your journey at the World Cups is over. Who knows, you can still prove us all wrong). Hopefully, you enjoy the remaining years as well. We love you.

Image Courtesy: Cricket World Cup