AUS v NZ: Cricket is a serious battle!



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Kane Williamson is a tough guy. He is not the easiest to dismiss and when he joins hands with his mate Ross Taylor, he becomes almost immortal. There is an almost because there is still a chance, an opportunity here and there. A slight misjudgement could make him walk back to the pavilion but it doesn’t happen every day and you have to wait for it until they rip you off, makes you vulnerable and tired. It was a similar day in Perth. After losing the first two wickets, Australia was kicking themselves for allowing Ross to meet Kane. I mean, it’s too hard to bowl for them. The resistance, the defence is just too much to handle and when they thought that they have things in control, they both go berserk. No, they don’t try to overhit but will find the gaps and will make you think of bringing extra fielders from the dugout. How do they always do that?
How do they grow old by sharing the same habit? The habit of ripping the bowlers. It’s hard to explain what bowlers go through when they bat together.

Against them both, brilliance will not work but something out of the universe stuff do. They always do.

Sweat falls from his face as Starc gears up for yet another over. He is frustrated, so is the Australian camp, thanks to the resistance of Ross and Kane. Nobody likes to be in the receiving end, do they?
Australia had a guy who is yet to make a name for himself. Oh yes, because nobody literally got his name right. Yet that guy grabbed the opportunity with both hands, came out of his “bubble” to score yet another hundred. Kiwis were at the receiving end at that time. They didn’t like it and Of course, Australia hates to see Ross and Kane too.

Fast forward, Starc runs to bowl yet another delivery and the reaction of Ross tells you the story of how they have gone into the innings so far. He was having his hand on his hip, it looked like he was yawning, waiting for Kane to leave the delivery, to defend. Or maybe was he thinking of something else? May be to sneak a single? C’mon who doesn’t like to be on strike against those shiny pink ball? Unless you are not timing well, hey, nobody is Virat Kohli to get frustrated by the timing yet coming out with flying colours. At least not these two. They are the two nicest people you would see and wonder where do they hide the tension, the rage so on. Of course, we witnessed Kane smiling after losing the World Cup final. Even I had tears. What is he made of, one would wonder.

Now coming back to the delivery, Kane sees the ball and it is short. He jumps a bit, opens his bat to place the ball through the gap. He saw the gap, We saw the gap but Smith didn’t.

Smith loves to do that. He loves the headlines. There is this healthy battle between him and Labuchagne when it comes to scoring runs, headlining the boards. It is more of a drug to both of them.

Smith can fly. We have seen that. We have enjoyed it. We have seen him with the wings when he was batting 360 degrees. Remember that cover drive during the Ashes?

The wings were open once again, at the right time. He jumps, reaches the ball with ease and falls. It was like the ball wanted to go to Smith because it missed him. That was the grab of the season, a hug to remember.

The crowd goes crazy, every single player runs towards him to congratulate him. There were two players in the middle with complete disbelief. Kane had to walk back. He had no choice. Ross knew it wasn’t easy and he goes to Kane, appreciates him for the run.

Things don’t end here. Ross has the difficult job now and for Smith, he has done it. He stole the headlines from Labuchagne. The battle continues. Will Labuchagne grabs it back? Will he allow Smith to take the lead now? Well, cricket is a serious battle.