I recently came across many makeover artists who upload “before and after” pictures of their clients in Instagram and Facebook to brace themselves. I do know that you are taking care of many women’s special day and you are giving them a new outlook on that particular day. Your job is done by then.

Why do you want to post their face with no makeup and then a groomed picture to portray as if they were ugly before. Even if your intention is not to portray such message, that is the clue we perceive after seeing such collage-d pictures. It reminds me one of comedian Vivek’s favorite dialogue “Eppadi Iruntha Naan Ippadi Aayiten”.

You should not make the women feel bad about their natural skin by posting such collage pictures of “before and after” look. What if it reduces their confidence on any other normal day when they need to present themselves professionally? Understand the responsibility as a fellow human being.

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