We are all fans of someone or something. We look up to them, we cry when they fail, we’ll be happy when they succeed.

There’s no one who can attract masses like how superstar did, is doing. He is The God for his fans out there. While everyone trying to catch a glimpse of him, imagine if how’d be if you get to direct him. It’s like living your dream. A fairytale.

At the first meet, You would have practised like million times, silently prayed that you don’t blabber to him. You would be careful with every single word you choose to speak. Because- the first impression.

The superstar arrives and all you can do is watch him, jaw-dropped. You would’ve had thousands of things to talk, but you smile. The Superstar smiles back at you, calls you by your name and the butterflies inside your stomach starts to kick off. You wanted to tell him how much he means to you, but you go speechless. You fail to get the right words to explain to him. He understands and smiles once again, the smile that defines his swag, the smile which would’ve seen thousands of whistles if it was on the movie.

After a while, you start the shoot. Of course, you’d want every single thing, every single frame to be beautiful just like how every fan wants, just like how you want to see him onscreen. Take, retakes until you get satisfied and within a few days, everything comes out well, at least to you and the crew. When the shoot finally gets over, you don’t remember the product which I wish will be an epic but the days you spent with him. The days you were too close to him. The days you had food with him, you even remember what you had and for sure, every time you eat that food the moments will come as a flash before you. The days you spoke your heart out with him. The days which you thought should never end.