Bigg Boss 3, Day 46, Aug 7, Written Updates

Bigg Boss contestants bounce back from Saravanan’s unexpected departure yesterday. Only Kavin and Sandy are seemed to be still wounded from that event. They try to compose a song while reminiscing the moments they spent with Saravanan. They seem deprived of their joy.

Sakshi is told by the housemates to try to talk in Tamil as much as possible and playfully give her squat punishment if she ever breaks the no-english rule. She even composes a song with just potato and kara kuzhambu dish which is a delight to watch. Contestants continues the task from yesterday with the points they have secured. They need to do their best to protect the points they have saved. They are paired as teams. They losing team get to lose 50% of their points. After a prolonged tough game, ij which Losliya, Kavin and Cheran are tired and hurt badly, Cheran and Kavin lose their 50% of their points. Cheran takes the game and effort by others seriously. He seems slightly offended by that too. He expects exception often in the game which doesn’t seem fair.

Kavin is hurt badly in the second part of the game. Initially, he thinks he slips over the obstacle that was in front of him while Sakshi was chasing him. Later. He thinks he might have been pushed by Sakshi, which he is not sure, as he leaped a feet distance when he fell. Madhu and Cheran talks about Abirami’s possessiveness over Mugen. They think it is unwarranted and she need to have control over her emotions. Mugen talks with Abirami while she flirts with him. She says she loves him for which Mugen doesn’t have a proper response. She says she doesn’t need him to accept her love anyway. Mugen is impressed by the panache in her voice. He blushed a little. He seems to be in “trouble”.

The third segment of the game entirely pivots the status and rank in it. Before that, Sandy, Tharshan and Madhu has secured the rank in that mentioned order. After the 3rd segment, which seems to be arbitrary at its best, it is Sakshi, Abirami and Madhu secure the rank in that order. No one expects Abirami to hold a rank one of them, especially Madhu. Madhu seems inquisitive over the fact how Abirami got the points, rather be happy for her. It is expected that these three get to compete for the next week’s captaincy in the house. Sakshi, who is in this week’s nomination, gets to use this points to save herself from next week’s nomination, provided she gets past this week’s eviction. Abirami and Sakshi start to plan how they are gonna give the cent percent effort in the game. Sandy and Kavin still seem detached from the events.

The ladies of the house are given an opportunity to play the men’s role in the house. They are asked to enact the event that happened so far which involved men’s contribution. Madhu plays Cheran, Abirami as Mugen, Losliya as Tharshan, Sakshi as Sandy, Sherin as Kavin. Madhu gets the chance after a long time in the house to show her acting ability. She steals the show in a few minutes. Her confidence and style seem formidable. Sakshi seems confident and reckless in Sandy’s shoes. Abirami as Mugen gets to steal a little spotlight too. At the end of the task, the men decide that it is Madhu and Abirami who perform well. We see few frictions between few of the contestants today. They suppress those emotions for now. It may implode or explode in the coming days.

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