Bigg Boss 3 Day 11 | Written Updates

As anticipated, Today’s episode has all the spices and pumps it needs. After listening to Shakshi, Vanitha influences Abirami that the latter’s character is being assassinated in front of the camera and they want that talk to end. Vanitha confronts Mugen if Meera ever talks about anyone in the house to influence him and from what he says, Vanitha and others start to weave a story and give it a new meaning. When Mugen wants to clarifies this with Meera, all she has to say is “grow up” to this immature childish behaviour which agitated Mugen and he raises his voice at Meera while she walks away. Housemates surrounds Mugen to console him and Cheran advise him not to display a violent depiction.

Madhu and Losliya talk some sense to Mugen that Meera is already depressed by the surrounding and his stimulating questions piss her off while she is in that mind space. Seeing Losliya talking to Mugen and a while before talking with Meera, Vanitha paints her as a neutral character and tells that Losliya just wants to be on everyone’s good side. Vanitha constructs a plan to let Abirami and Mugen to speak to the whole house. She again influences them to tell that no one has a say in Mugen-Abirami friendship and to tell them to stop speaking about them behind their backs in the house. When Mugen puts this in a decent way, Abirami couldn’t control her anger and dominates to register that she couldn’t careless.

Shakshi puts a public vote kind of thing to ask the housemates that if she and her “gang” which consists of Vanitha, Sherin, Abirami, have ever told anybody not to talk to Madhu or Meera. For which, Madhu asks why her name is involved in this. And Shakshi and Sherin talks back at her which blown into an invigorating yell of anger. Madhu who couldn’t take such accusing words, goes to bed with a heavy heart after letting out her anguish to Bigg Boss Camera alone.

Among all this cries, Losliya who is about to have her dinner couldn’t take such strong quarreling, leaves the table to catch some silence. Mugen apologies to Meera for stimulating her more without knowing what his words could cause. On the other side, Sherin and others laugh at themselves for their behavior at night when they have no clue how their words scar some in the house. They truly believe they are entitled to let them feel the pain because they think their pain is caused by that “Some”.

The night hushes and the next morning starts. Kavin is given a task to tell the housemates “How to lose in love” for those who doesn’t want to be committed. While Cheran who is in the house cleaning team, cleaning the unessential part of the house, Vanitha tells Mohan to let Cheran know that Kitchen needs its cleaning as priority. This triggers Cheran’s ego as Vanitha is no longer the Captain and yet she is influencing Mohan’s decisions. Let’s see who is going to make peace with who or who is going to blow up the precarious situation at the house.

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