Bigg Boss 3 Day 12 | Written Updates

Laughter is the best medicine and today’s Bigg Boss episode treads on the absurd theme to leave the housemates in splits. After many disheartening things that had happened in the house for the past few days, the house is divided into two groups. An invisible line, like a crack on the wall, develops between the two groups to keep them apart. Disgruntled Cheran registers what’s on his mind to Mohan, who is the Captain of the house this week. Cheran still feels Vanitha influences his decisions. Vanitha is taken aback by his comments and decides not to communicate with him personally.

Among all the chaos, Cheran still finds a part of his mind which is untouched by the animosity in the house to reflect upon his moments with his child he left at his home. He trembles at the mere thought and Losliya and other housemates feels his love that he has been stagnating.

Sandy mocks Meera for she didn’t involve in the fight the other night between Madhu and Sherin. She slept through the fight which Sandy ridicules that Meera escaped from it which was intended for her. And Madhu caught in between to get sliced up. Sandy mimics Meera and puts it in a funny way for how she intended to get away. Sandy is such a relief to watch.

When Abirami, Shakshi and Sherin talk among themselves having Losliya, not in the conversation but by their side, they find Losliya leave the place with a not-a-stone-face. This makes the group to think of her against their standpoint. Kavin asks about it to Losliya if she is displeased by anyone or anything in the house and lets her know that Abi and others feel that way. Shakshi, Abi and Sherin find Kavin’s involvement screws their plan to find out the “messenger” between the two groups in the house. Kavin, who thought to help out the difficult situation, finds himself in a jam.

On the other note, Shakshi tells Sherin that Kavin shows a trace of possessiveness towards her and developing feeling towards her which she doesn’t want to tell Abirami who has or had crush on Kavin. Sherin gives her piece of mind to let Abi know and feel free to move forward with her heart if she wants to go after it as she doesn’t want to be weighed down by the worry.

Sandy and Madhu take part in luxury task and gains 590 points out of thousand.

The highpoint today is when the men of the house is asked to replicate the fight that happened between the women. Tharshan and Sandy steal the show with their on point performance that they reprise the roles of Vanitha and Meera respectively. Mohan imitates Madhu and convey her actions as they possess two standards. Madhu doesn’t seem to agree with that. Kavin as Sherin doesn’t miss to give out great harmless laughs that actually leave the people rolling on the floor.

After the task, Madhu seem to seek out a chance to mimic Mohan which seems like a revenge for what he does with the task. Mohan doesn’t seem happy with it and the vicious circle begins again for tomorrow. This episode is such a stress bursting relief for the housemates and us and a great pleasure to watch.

Contestants deserve a big hand for taking the mimicking task with a fun-loving spirits. With many contestants on the nomination for eviction this week, Shakshi doesn’t seem to have won many hearts to stay in the game. Let’s wait and watch the one more day to go to the weekend.

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