Bigg Boss 3 Day 13 | Written Updates

Bigg Boss balances out roller coaster of emotions this week. There was anger, there was comedy and today sentiment is the theme here. We see Sandy bawls like a child who always keeps the housemates with hearty laughs.

A conflict of interest in food choices is erupted between Madhu and others. Abirami and her friends deliberately opposes Madhu’s opinion just because it is Madhu’s opinion. Shakshi and Kavin develops an interest with each other. Kavin seems a little taken aback to see Shakshi and Mugen together. The last Luxury task of the week which is an eating contest and Mugen, Reshma, Fathima take part in it.

There is a prank task from Bigg Boss to the house mates. The contestant has to unanimously choose Meera to evict from the house which Meera is not aware that it is a prank. She gracefully accepts their choice and breaks down, without knowing it’s a prank, when Fathima tells that Meera doesn’t deserve all this hate in the house and she tells a world waits for her outside this house. Housemates actually sympathize with Meera and new bonds bud. Vanitha seems to take Meera’s side when Abirami tries to justify she is right.

Abirami is upset that these kind of provoking fights may get her into next week’s eviction nomination. This upsets Shakshi as she is in this week’s nomination but Abirami doesn’t seem to be on her side and just worries about herself for something that hasn’t happened yet. While Shakshi is thinking how selfish Abirami’s act is, Abirami apologizes for not being supportive of Shakshi’s situation. Vanitha and Meera seem to make peace. As the midnight arrives, The house wishes Sandy “Happy Birthday” with Greeting cards and Chocolate cake and something that makes Sandy to cry like a child which is little daughter’s video collage.

He misses his daughter and bawls over it which affected the housemates and they share his yearnings as well. The weekends nears and One of the contestants will leave the Bigg Boss house in the first eviction of this season.

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