Bigg Boss 3 Day 15 Written Updates

The much awaited episode of this season is here. Kamal announces the first eviction of this season. We peek into the house to know what happened after Kamal left them with an annoucement that Madhu is saved. Vanitha, Shakshi and Sherin take a stand against Abirami for her choice to choose Meera to evict when Kamal asked her. They are frustrated that they stood up for Abirami against Madhu which evidently brought Shakshi to the eviction nomination. They make Abirami feel guilty about her choices which makes her want get out of the house. Madhu consoles Abirami hesitantly as their talking (or alliance) may come off like a strategy and Abirami wants to get out of the conversation. Before she does, Madhu encourages Abirami to make use of Bigg Boss platform to show her abilities and to be strong and confident. Reshma gives her piece to Shakshi to take this as a lesson and advises to stay away from unrelated controversies inside the house.

Kamal greets the contestants and gets right to the important point. He announces that Kavin is saved. A viewer from the public is allowed to ask any one of the contestants through phone to cool the heated situation in the house. Kavin is asked if he loves anyone for real in the house and to which he says he doesn’t and won’t.

Through a Jigsaw puzzle game, Kamal lets the housemates know who are saved from eviction. In that game, Fathima’s piece doesn’t interlocks with anyone else and confirms her that she is the person who is going out. She bids goodbye to the housemates and breaks her winner medal as per Bigg Boss’s order.

Fathima comes out to meet Kamal and audiences and shares her experience in the house. After a beautiful AV plays for Fathima, she answers Kamal’s questions. Kamal keeps the point on front that how minding her own business makes Fathima to come out so soon. She shares her accurate wisdom on each person in the house. She emphasizes on the known point that how Vanitha’s arguments make other to submit to her or to stay from the situation. She is given a special power to choose candidates for the next week’s captaincy. She chooses Abirami, Tharshan and Sandy and gives her wise advices to them. She reckons that Tharshan will stay in the game till the end and wishes him the same. She tries to raise Abirami’s morale and tells her that she portrays herself as a crybaby and she has so much to put forth her talent. Fathima tells how the house is really in need of much light-hearted moments and Sandy is the best choice to go with. Among these three, one of them will be chosen to be the captain of the next week.

After Kamal and Fathima leaves the contestants, we see how the state of the house is. Meera is hurt as Tharshan and Mugen chose Meera to evict from the house who she thought her good friends. Mugen and Shakshi consoles her.

Abirami’s bond with Vanitha, Shakshi, Sherin was strong till yesterday and the bond is being tested today and will be hearafter. The three put Abirami’s choices under lens which makes her to feel submissive which she doesn’t want to and she has her freedom to choose what she wants. The house starts with 14 contestants from tomorrow and the reality seems to kick them very quickly.

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