Bigg Boss 3 Day 16 Written Updates

Third week into the house is very intricate and the contestants, who weren’t voicing before, they are doing now. A task is given to the candidates who are chosen for captaincy this week in the house. At the end of the task, when the situation favours either Tharshan or Abirami, Tharshan offers to give up the captaincy for Abirami as she has created some amount of animosity around the house and this could be her way to fix some things. Abirami become the captain of this week.

Madhu tells the candidates for captaincy during their task that whoever is gonna be the captain ask them to let people know in the house not to make noise when people try to sleep. She mentions Sherin and Vanitha as their talks during the night disturbs many’s sleep. When Vanitha hears about it, she bellows in anger that no-talking is not a Bigg Boss house’s rule and she says that she doesn’t have to necessarily follow that. When Madhu and Abi tries to talk things out alone, it is perceived by Shakshi and Sherin mistakenly that Abi is switching alliance with Madhu to play a safe game.

Abi and Madhu talk about how Madhu’s indelicate words hurt her friends and asks her not to talk like that. Madhu agrees but she says she is not sorry for speaking out. She tells Abi that she has told Meera that her way of posture might not be captured well in front of the camera and asks her to be aware of that for which we hear Madhu say that Meera herself said that she is doing. with her complete awareness. And Madhu’s course of talk moves to how the perception of such women bring them the brutal fall like rape. To which, Abi counters that we can’t justify the reason for such cruelty as this is happening to even children. And they somehow ends the talk on the note that to smooth the situation in the house.

Abi shares Sherin and Shakshi about her conversation with Madhu in Vanitha’s presence. Vanitha loses her cool as she absorbs that Madhu questions the women’s way of act in the house and she chews Abi for extending such an irrelevant conversation with Madhu. Abi doesn’t like Vanitha to boss around her and leaves the place after calling this quarrel sounds like a fish market. This affects Vanitha’s self respect and ask Abi that she yelled just like now last week for the sake of Abi and as she didn’t hear any complaint like that from her. Abi apologize to Vanitha and leaves the place. Tharshan talks for Abi to Vanitha to which Vanitha denies that he is not credible to talk in this situation as his opinion is not asked.

Resham tells Shakshi and Sherin that the mistake is with Abi as she is the one involving you in the controversies. Eviction nomination is made and this week it is Madhu, Mohan, Saravanan, Vanitha and Meera in the list. Vanitha tells Shakshi and Sherin that they became fools to stand up for Abi who starts to gel with people who made problems with her and they are the ones blames and cornered now. They perceive Abi as selfish whereas Abi still talks fond of them to other thinking they are reciprocating the same feeling.

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