Bigg Boss 3 Day 17 Written Updates

Bigg Boss

A curious day in the Bigg Boss house starts with a graveyard setup in the yard.

Luxury task of the week is for the contestant to protect themselves from the murderer in the house. Vanitha is the murderer who has to secretly complete her assault and Mugen is her aide in the task.

We see that Losliya shows a little aversion towards Kavin because of the earlier dispute between her and Abi and co. Today, Kavin tries hard to win her friendship. Shakshi and Sherin have a little discussion that how Meera is in good terms with Vanitha and Reshma and how she could replace them in the friendship which they decide to pinch in the bud.

Contestants doubt that Abi and Losliya are the murderers and Vanitha maintains the same and possibly distract others towards them. Her first murder is Shakshi. Vanitha should make Shakshi to remove her makeup by herself which is the task. Shakshi is given a ghost costume and is sent to the graveyard in front of the house.

Contestants have fun of the situation and keep the amiable mood in the house. Mohan is the second victim in the task. The task is suspended for the night. Shakshi and Mohan get back to the routine in the house. As the housemates pass the gossip to each other that Abi could be the murderer in the house, Shakshi takes it seriously and tells Vanitha that Abi chooses her as the first victim as Abi holds some grudge towards Shakshi because she befriended Kavin. Vanitha, who has to keep the lid on her secret identity, tries to talk down Shakshi but she doesn’t seem to be convinced and waits for her chance to ignite a fight with Abi. As the task continues tomorrow, We can look forward to many more fun and fight in the house!

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