Bigg Boss 3 | Day 2 written updates

The First day at the Bigg Boss house starts with a lot of fun and energy. In the history of Bigg Boss show, for the first time, Some tougher curbs are introduced. Limitations are set to the Water and Fuel usage in the house. A meter is set to restrict their usage and to keep them on check. This initiative is the reflection of toils that our society is facing today, for the unendurable Water shortage. Also to answer people who ask, Why is Bigg Boss necessary today?.
Household chores are distributed among the housemates and collected them as a team. Contestants (and the Captain) are asked to choose a cue card from a set of cards this week to get them assigned to their responsibility to lead their communal living for the days to come. Vanitha Vijayakumar is the Captain of the team for this week. Fun and laughter are the ultimate point of the today’s episode. It doesn’t miss to deliver the light-hearted entertainment that it intends to give, when Sandy injured his Chin by jumping into an empty swimming pool. Singer Vaithya amuses the housemates with his sweet carnatic music and stuns them with his wear-it-on-sleeve diction. A cheerful end to the day’s task is the “Patience Test”. Sandy, Kavin and the beloved Madhumitha steals the show with their one line dynamic comedy punch lines. It ends on a note where Abirami is playfully confessing that she has a crush on Kavin. We know for sure that this season is very promising to deliver so much fun and entertainment. We will have to wait and watch for what they have in-store!