Bigg Boss 3 Day 21 Written Updates

Vanitha fumbles to answer some tough questions from the host Kamal today. As the weekend is here, Kamal has gradually opened the problematic issues and gives them some whipping answers. We peek into the house to know what happened on Friday.

Madhu finds herself in a new territory as she has been assigned as cooking team’s captain. Saravanan tells others that Madhu is not much of a help in the chores as she doesn’t know the way into the works. Vanitha and Sakshi talk that how the sambar that Madhu prepared is bland and tasteless. On the other side of the house, When Meera assumes that Tharshan is interested in her and asks him if he has a girlfriend outside the house to which Tharshan says yes. Meera is averted towards Losliya because she thinks the latter has concerns about the conversation between Tharshan and Meera. Losliya confronts Meera about it and says she has no issues and tells her to talk to her directly if she has anything to say.

The next day begins and they are ready to meet Kamal. The host does the anticipated job which is to let them know where they are wrong. We hear a heart wrenching story about bird back home from Losliya. We hear the dispute between Madhu and Abirami. Kamal takes Abirami’s side and insists that such Madhu’s thoughts should be contained and not spread. Kamal gives Tharshan a hand for standing up against the wrong. And he also advises Vanitha that her attitude should be right towards her co-housemates. We are given a name today that who got saved from this week’s eviction. And it is Mohan Vaithya. He stays in the house this week. We have Meera, Saravanan, Vanitha, Madhu left in the nomination. We will know who will leave the tomorrow.

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