Bigg Boss 3 Day 26 Written Updates

You know when you try to make something alright, something perfect, but instead, you just end up making it worse. Well, that is the situation the Bigg Boss contestants face in today’s episode. As Sakshi and Kavin confront yesterday to know what is on each other’s mind about their relationship, they come to know that they are at the two extremes of the problem. Sakshi realizes that Kavin has not reciprocated the feelings that how she feels about him. Kavin doesn’t want to get into the human emotions of complexity. Hence he tries to stay away from acting on his feelings whereas Sakshi, who is a free-spirited person, wants to act on it when the other party in the relationship is not ready. And not only that, it infuriates Sakshi to see Kavin and Losliya get close. Sakshi is fixated on the notion that Kavin sides with Losliya because the latter has a fan-base outside. This hurts Sakshi to some extent which she never expected to happen and yet her heart breaks here. Sherin comforts Sakshi to get the best out of her even in the tough situation she goes through. After Kavin and Sakshi come to a decision not to be the same how they used to be, (kind of a break-up talk), Kavin spends some time talking with Losliya and tells her that Sakshi is disturbed by the fact he and Losliya getting close which breaks the intimacy with Sakshi. Sakshi doesn’t want Kavin to continue two dates on either side and she wants him to pick a side. By now, she just wants him away from her and try not to care about what he does but she couldn’t take it out of her mind. Losliya understands Kavin’s situation when he says this and she tells him to go back how he was with her and be subtle with her in a way that won’t affect Sakshi. But Losliya is deeply hurt but she tries to put on a happy face and tries to make her mind away from the thought.

To prove the condition of the house, Bigg Boss plays the song in the next morning “Ooru vittu ooru vandhu Kaadhal keedhal pannaadheenga..” which suits the situation of most of them in the house by now as we have Abirami-Mugen, Kavin-Losliya, Kavin-Sakshi. As we have seem Sherin and Tharshan flirt for fun, Sherin makes a heart shaped chappathi for breakfast. When it is showed to Losliya, she acts on it as somewhere she is provoked by the incident. She has been processing some hurtful things that happened between Kavin and her, she put a hole on the heart shaped chappathi as she just couldn’t enjoy someone else’s happiness. Sherin is hurt and asks Tharshan if Losliya has any problem with the former to be a friend with him. When Cheran ans Tharshan ask Losliya for why she did that, she just answers with a harmless laugh that she would do it again. She is deeply hurting on the inside.

Out of the tasks happened at the house over the week, Reshma, Tharshan, Saravanan are selected as the best performers and nominated for next week’s captaincy. Sakshi lost 100 points to the house yesterday as she broke the Bigg Boss house rule which is one person is allowed to be in the smoking area but Sakshi and Sherin was there. So the points are reduced. Today, as the non-cooperators in the tasks, Sakshi and Meera are nominated and as a punishment, they spends the day in jail.

Just like every other day, the men in the house have fun at one side of the house and the women lock horns with each other at the other end. While Sakshi is having fun inside the jail by talking with her friends who just sit outside the jail, Meera says that it is noisy and hurts ber head and she wants some calmness. Since nobody listens to her query, Meera shuts herself inside a Bathroom in the jail which a very confined space where one could possibly suffocate. She is in there for a whole hour and Cheran, who always steps on a wrong foot with Meera, actually cares and ask Sakshi to knock the bathroom door to know if she is okay. Sakshi replies that Meera said that she didn’t want to talk to anyone and she went inside the small room in jail. Sakshi, after much reluctance, decides to ask Bigg Boss to talk to Meera and Bigg Boss calls Meera out to change her microphone’s battery.

Meera comes out to clarify that she didn’t utter the sentence like how Sakshi mentioned. Meera tries to explain this to Sakshi too and talks about how Meera was called crazy the day before yesterday for contradicting herself. They decide to ask the host Kamal to play the video to clear the confusion in the issue for who asked to arrange a meeting with the housemates regarding Kavin’s remark on Meera. Kavin seems to be relieved as the girls moves on to another issue, leaving him behind. There is one more day to go to meet the host Kamalhasan to clarify everyone’s confusion.

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