Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss 3, Day 3 | written updates

A Catfight is promised for sure!!

On Day 2, Bigg Boss begins to tread upon an intensely spirited episode. Housemates start to realize that the dispensed water supply is getting reduced to 75% within a day into the house. They are in a position to realize that they have to tackle this situation by scrimping their usage for the days to come. Contestants take part in a heated discussion about cleanliness around the house. Shakshi and Vanitha step off the wrong foot when they both disputed over food leftovers issues. Cheran, Fathima and Saravanan are still seeming to be a bit reluctant towards blending with everyone and only to find comfort when being with few people. Singer Vaithya opens up about his loss of wife and how K.Balachander gave him a hand to come out of his emotional turmoil while he was mourning his wife’s death with a 3 years old child. Housemates come together to give him the shoulder while he breaks down with tears and discloses that he hasn’t got one human to open up to. A little romantic advances are initiated between Abirami and Kavin. When Abirami took it on board and said it out to Kavin that she has a crush on him, Kavin seems to be ignorant of her feelings when he doesn’t realize that she is saying the truth. And when it hits him right, Kavin apologizes to Abirami and tells her that she would get to know him and change her mind about it. She is not cooled down yet and decides to cherish the moment from a distance for now. Sandy and Vaithya has a lot of fun together and entertains the whole house with fun singing. Vaithya transforms himself completely and seems to be alive at the moment. A turning point to the day’s episode is the surprise entry of Meera Mithun, a new contestant. Things start to fire up among the ladies Shakshi and Abirami as they feel an animosity towards Meera as they mention to camera that they have an unpleasant history outside the house with Meera. A Cat fight is promised for sure. Tune in for more to come!

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