Bigg Boss 3, Day 31 | Written Updates

Bigg Boss Tamil season 3 has proved yet another time that it promises all the fun and be at the top notch everytime it does. Today’s episode is all about bursting our stress with the oldest medicine in the history, which is the laughter. Contestants are given rural set up and take up interesting characters in the premise.

We glimpse Sakshi and Kavin who are in eviction nomination this week. They decide to spend the few more days they have happily and go back to the days how they were before all this issues between them.

For the task, House is divided into 2 villages who are arch-rivals to each other. Like a snake and a mangoose which is the name of the villages too. Cheran is the leader of one village and Madhumitha is the leader of the other. Madhumitha, Meera, Tharshan, Saravanan, Sherin, Losliya are one team and the other 7, who are Cheran, Reshma, Kavin, Sandy, Sakshi, Abirami, Mugen, with the other team.

Bigg Boss team has set up a lovely village atmosphere with hays and well. A tree under which the village panchayats take place. Sherin and Tharshan, who are a lovely romantic married couple, has Meera as the motherhen in the family. Sakshi, who is the carefree youth in the villages, leads the “Varutha padaatha Vaalibar Sangam” with Kavin and Sandy are the members of that “Sangam” who have an eye on the PRO post in it and compete each other whenever possible. They have to pursure Sakshi, the leader, to give it to one of them.

One team covers the area of kitchen and the other covers the bathroom in the house. So, their paths are made to cross each other and ensuing a fun part to come out of the settings.

Reshma is the sly theif in the village who hides all the essentials in the house and leave the housemates in search. Meera-Tharshan part is filled with fun. Sandy, who undoubtfully promises fun all the time, doesn’t miss to hit some high points. Others try to blend in, but as everyone is doing their part at the same time which smudges even some great highpoint of the episode and fades as there is no organization in scheming the set pieces. Cheran, with the needed directorial insight, tells the team how they should play the task which would come out beautifully. Meera, who is not in good terms with Cheran, involves in an argument for impeding the task which, for her, is going well and fun. Madhumitha tries to make Meera understand that Cheran too insists that we have to take it well and fun. They are calmed in a while as the task buzzer goes for the day that comes to an end. We miss the events too as it is enjoyable and heartwarming but all good things come to an end. Reshma celebrates her birthday as the day ends with a heartfelt wish from her son who she misses a lot and breaks down the sound of his voice. The housemates come together to give their shoulders to Reshma. We will see the task continuing for the upcoming days too. And a lot fun is promised for sure.

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