Bigg Boss 3 Day 34 Written Updates

We saw the contestants end the yesterday’s episode on a note where they agreed with the situation and learned to play along seemingly united. Today, each one of them falls apart and doesn’t have a bunch of people behind one when one breaks down. They, now, don’t know if their trust is even valued.

After Meera’s dejection towards Cheran for the way he acted and the housemates response it, the contestants seem to walk on egg shells in the beginning, only to implode at the end. The Luxury tasks are completed and the best and worst performances are chosen through a quick discussion. Most of the contestants feel that they couldn’t put forth their opinion as the decision is rushed. Initially, as the best performers of the task, Meera and Tharshan are chosen. And Mugen also is chosen as the best performer of all the tasks. So these three contestants are about to compete each other in the coming days to play for captaincy of the house in the coming week.

As the worst performers, the housemates go with Losliya and Abirami. And they will spend the day and night in house jail. Among all this, a commotion is blasted as so many names are thrown out as worst performers and those contestants feels that their efforts are lessened. Kavin suggests Cheran and Sakshi because to his vision, Cheran went out of his character in the task for a while and took some interaction personally and Sakshi’s performance couldn’t add more flavours to the task due to her limited knowledge in conversing through the language in village slang. Sakshi feels offended as this hits her like a slap with her cultural difference with others and she doesn’t miss to mention that. This hits her harder than it does because this remark comes from her close friend Kavin. Cheran denies Kavin’s remark on his performance. He assures that he stuck with his character. Cheran is deeply disappointed with the housemates as no one names him as the best performer even when he gives his 100%.

As Losliya and Abirami plan to go to jail willingly and they nominate themselves as worst performers. She says she broke few rules in the task and in the house. Kavin, who knows that Losliya intentionally goes to jail even when she fulfilled her task, tries to prevent her from going to jail. Losliya might still think that she is responsible for Kavin-Sakshi break up and she is responsible for developing interest towards Kavin, she might want to punish herself and wants to go to jail. Kavin tries to save but it also seems that he throws Sakshi under the bus when he was asked whose character was uninteresting in the task. And Meera names Sherin whose character was uninteresting.

Sakshi and Sherin are deeply hurt to know that their cultural difference is considered as a drawback when they themselves feel as the outsiders in the house. It hurts them when it is pointed out without a slight of empathy from their friend Kavin.

After the decisions are made, Madhu turns to the housemates and questions them why Meera is chosen as one of the best performers. She asks why Cheran and her name are not suggested at all. Madhu asks the housemates to rethink their decision as Meera did not fulfill her task character as Tharshan’s mother and she doesn’t involve in the household chores properly. They want to reanalyse their decision to send Meera for captaincy competition.

Meera wills to give away her opportunity to compete for captaincy and it doesn’t seem Madhu and Cheran showed enough grace in the issue and it seemed they just dragged Meera to mud. While Abirami and Losliya still Stand with Meera to endorse her for captaincy task, Meera gives away as she doesn’t have the grit to come through all the commotion that is happening in the house. Cheran says he is in his character even when the housemates are away from him but he doesn’t give the same benefit of the doubt to Meera and questions how she handled her character at all. Sherin, who has a splendid experience in acting, actually took a backseat in the task as her inability to blend with others in their language could end up in team losing the points. So she decides to underplay it. And When Meera says that she couldn’t find anything interesting about her character, it hurts Sherin a lot.

Sakshi gives many chances in her relationship to Kavin even when she is the one who ends up hurting. She finds Kavin talking in an attempt to send her to jail. Reshma points it out to her aftet much hesitation. Reshma has a point. Kavin tries to save Losliya from going to jail as she is intentionally going to jail but he misses to think what his words do to Sakshi. It is painful to see that. After all the chaos, the only consolation is the luxury points to them. Again, in a commotion, they list items that crosses their budget limit and they lose the entire supplementation. All their efforts go in vain.

As Losliya and Abirami goes to jail as per the housemates’ decision, Mugen comments to Tharshan that Abirami follows Losliya’s footsteps in her actions and says it is wrong. As Abirami is in this week’s eviction nomination, this could her strategy but Mugen is the one says this who Abirami thinks he is her close and best friend and it is all one whole contradiction. They are given jail food and spend the night in the jail. The contestants meet Kamal tomorrow and they have a truck load of complaints to get them resolved.