Bigg Boss 3 Day 35 Written Updates

Kamal introduces the secret room of the Bigg Boss house to the audiences in the beginning of today’s episode. In the previous seasons, we have seen this room where one of the contestants, who leaves the main house and stays in that room and watch other contestants perform secretly for few days which gives them an opportunity to learn their mistake. We still don’t know if this room will be used this week for one of the contestants. Let’s wait for tomorrow’s announcement.

Meanwhile, we see the people inside the house and knows their headspace. Losliya and Abirami, who thought spending time in jail could be fun, learn that the seriousness of their choice. They are provided separate, plain food which one would eat in jail. Initially, they play along. They start to lose the fun once they realize that this treatment will not end before they learn their lesson. They are laboured and starved. Abirami couldn’t take it and pleads Bigg Boss to let her out of jail and urges Losliya to ask for the same thing. Losliya, for some reason, wants to punish herself. She doesn’t mind the difficulty in being jail. She processes it calmly while Abirami can’t do the same. Other housemates too realize that going to jail is no fun at all. All others have started to think about weekend and eviction. Tharshan is chosen as the house captain for this week and he picks his teams for the chores.

Losliya and Abirami are released from the house jail. They prepare themselves to meet Kamal. Without further delay, Kamal directly gets to discuss their tasks and issues. He lauds their participation and appreciates everyone’s performances. Kamal talks with Madhu and hears her out what has been bugging her. She puts forth her opinion on Sandy that he doesn’t have the tolerance to handle when he is mocked but he mocks others irrespective of the consequences. Kamal gives his two cents and advises them that Madhu should learn to laugh at herself at her insecurities and Sandy to mind other’s feelings in such cases.

Now, Kamal talks with Meera to unfold one of the sensitive topics that have been dealt this week. Kamal empathise with Cheran and tells Meera that she should manipulate herself correctly to position herself to look at the truth. Meera talks about how she felt at the event and believes that it is wrong. Kamal tries to make her understand that it is not intentional and it is a game where such events tend to happen. Cheran and Meera have always been stepping on the wrong foot since day one. This perception of Cheran, who is not compassionate only to her in the house, prevents her from thinking that this issue could have been shrugged off. A video of the event is played for the contestants and their opinions are asked. And everybody says it doesn’t seem to portray Meera’s description of the occurrence. Kamal, the contestants and the audiences stand with Cheran. Cheran now has gained the courage to hold his head high who has been squirming since the episode started. He was scared to face Kamal and once the reality is revealed in his favour, he seems tranquillized .

Kamal also impersonates Kavin and Mugen while talking with them. Kavin and Mugen showed their anger towards Sakshi and Meera respectively while conversing with them. And this bit turns into fun. Kamal reaches to the part in the episode where he reveals the name of the person who gets saved from eviction. Without adding anymore further tension, he just simply reveals Cheran’s name and put him at his peace. We see Cheran has gained much support from the audiences and correspondingly Meera has gained much disappoinment. We will know who gets evicted from the house tomorrow or who gets to use the secret room as their second chance.

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