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The relaxed contestants who thinks that there is no way for a new issue to grow and explode in the house. Bigg Boss announces an open nomination for eviction this week which stirs enough problems to put them in a mind state where they were last week.

The issue between Sakshi and Kavin portrays Kavin as a person who doesn’t realises his own mistake. The housemates and audiences have very less clue on how the problem between Sakshi and Kavin would have, if at all, solved. Sakshi names Kavin for nomination based on the issue which Kavin thought it was forgiven by her. Most of the housemates follow the thread and name Kavin to hold majority of the nomination. Along with Kavin, Madhu, Reshma, Abirami, Sakshi are in the nomination for eviction this week.

Madhu is named for her friction with Sandy and for agitating the issue the already met its closure. Madhu accepts the resons. Reshma is named for talking about the issue with the other ladies which seems to some that Reshma were trying to make the issue bigger. Reshma is really hurt when the one of the nominations is from Mugen who she treats him like a son. This takes on her hard as she didn’t create a new issue and just talked about the issue that everybody knows. She couldn’t accept that as a reason for her nomination. Sakshi is named for the same issue between Kavin and her which created a ruckus in the house for few days. Abirami is named for not showing her true colour and tries to hide in safe zone. Abirami felt bad to face the nominations continuously which don’t let her be in peace.

Kavin is hurt and disappointed at Sakshi for naming him. He is in a headspace where Sakshi forgave him but it is evident today that she didn’t as she named him for nomination. He is emotionally down and thinks that Sakshi is playing a game. From Sakshi’s point of view, she did forgive him and tried to be in the relationship how they used to be. But it is not that easy to fool the emotions. Both of them are distant and couldn’t be there mentally for each other. Besides, it hurts and angers Sakshi to see Kavin talks happily with Losliya and not being in the same way with the former. This two acts of Kavin confuse her and today, Sakshi names Kavin for nomination because of that, which everybody else follows.

Reshma and others apologize to Kavin for naming him. Sakshi asks Reshma if that is because all of them want to be in his good books except her. Reshma answers that she doesn’t have personal animosity towards Kavin. Reshma only names him because she takes a stand for Sakshi. Madhu and Reshma discuss that not one man, except Cheran, names Kavin which seems that they don’t think Kavin is wrong at all. The ladies think if it is because they side with him just because Kavin is one of them. Saravanan admits that it is because he is one of them. And Sandy adds on that Kavin threw his dignity and apologized to Sakshi for which she forgave him. They have no clue why would Sakshi still name him for nomination.

Mugen is hurt for nominating Reshma. He blames himself for doing a wrong decision. Abirami consoles him. Sakshi is still confused why Losliya doesn’t talk to her how she used to be to which Cheran says she has to be given her space.

Among all those hurting events, Sandy lightens the mood by doing a sketch like the actor MGR which lights everyone’s hearts. Madhu celebrates her birthday and a lovely message from her husband makes her day.

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