Bigg Boss 3 Day 39 Written Updates

Bigg Boss finds ways to stir up the wrecked situations in the house through anonymous letters. We see Sakshi who stays up at 2 in the morning and pleads Bigg Boss to let her out of house which is filled with discordant energies. She thinks that her emotions are not respected by Kavin and Losliya since it seems Kavin has moved on quickly when Sakshi couldn’t.

We see Abirami’s elegant bharathanatyam performance as the actress Padmini, Mugen’s energy filled Vijay’s Pokkiri number and Tharshan looks spry in his Kamal’s Ilamai idho idho from Sagalakala Vallavan number. To stir up the wrecked situation at the house, contestants are asked to write anonymous letters to each other and asks clarification for the queries they have on each other.

Abirami talks about Mugen to Reshma that how he had lost his childhood which is only filled with regrets. Even when she known that Mugen has a partner outside this house, Abirami feels that he deserves the love he had lost in the childhood and she wants to be there for him as a friend always when he needs it.

Sakshi and Kavin are asked why would she give him a chance after another if he only ends up hurting her and why would Kavin keeps hurting Sakshi and apologize for it and how it felt when he was nominated by Sakshi when he thought she forgave him for his mistakes. Kavin and Sakshi open up to the house and submit each side of their stories. They show themselves that they are victimized by each other. Sakshi points out that it seems to her that Kavin moves on with Losliya quickly which agitates and makes her furious. Losliya gets up and clarifies to everybody, with a little bit of agitation, that what her friendship with Kavin has its limits and she only lent her shoulders. Kavin only shared with her what bugged him and it led Kavin to talk to Losliya before he leaves the house.

Losliya’s authenticity is questioned that she was jovial in the beginning and as the days goes she has turned out to be arrogant and distant from others. She answers that she doesn’t like to gossip as that is what mostly happening in the house and that’s why she keeps distancing herself from others. She also tells that if she is gossiped by others in the house. She doesn’t have to befriend the person who gossiped about her.

Mugen is asked about his relationship with Abirami. He is asked why would he let her hurt herself when he is not emotionally available for her and continues to give hopes to her. Mugen speaks out that Abirami is such a generous person who tends to give out so much love when she knows that same love is not reciprocated.

Sakshi gives her side of story that happened with Kavin. She tells that Kavin has changed his behaviour suddenly without discussing with her and he moves on without respecting her emotions and without letting her heal from the wounds these events caused. Kavin is just angry how it all portrays him and not empathising with Sakshi. He thinks she builds his character different from his actuality and rages over it. They have still a lot to say and we have a lot to hear too.

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