Bigg Boss 3 Day 40 Written Updates

Nearing 40 days into the Bigg Boss house, most of the contestants have just begun to dish out some critical comments on the issues that are happening in the house. Today’s episode is continuation of yesterday’s task to read out the anonymous letters and answer them with a stable emotional balance.

Abirami is hurt by the question which is raised out of her relationship with Mugen. Mugen consoles her that his answer is a slap in the face for the person who questioned their relationship. He has garnered the respect in front of others for Abirami’s love deserves. She is calmed and moves on.

The next day begins and the task continues. Losliya picks up the chit from the bowl which states Sakshi’s question for her. Losliya is asked why she hasn’t given Sakshi a chance to open up when she used to be one of her close friends in the house. Losliya says that she wouldn’t talk to a person who talks about her behind the back. Losliya wished that Sakshi could’ve talked to her directly but to which Sakshi says that she clarified that already in front of Cheran the other day and it wouldn’t be apporarite to do so. Losliya loses her rag and flies of the handle at Sakshi for accusing her of not aware of the latter’s feelings towards Kavin. Losliya storms out of the place as her limits are pushed. Abirami consoles her and gives her shoulders to face the comments bravely.

Kavin spills the words rashly that Sakshi conjures his character which seems to him unreal. Kavin thinks that all her actions are either to take revenge on him or to create an interesting content by making him look like a fool. Sakshi is hurt by the words and breaks down. Kavin keeps clinging on to Sakshi’s words when she said that she didn’t have any problem with Losliya and him being friends which, obviously, she didn’t mean it. This emotion is a little complex for Kavin to comprehend. He doesn’t try to understand it too.

Losliya, as a last straw, takes the blame in front of the housemates to put a end to it. She doesn’t want any of them to talk to her hereafter except Abirami. She is disappointed with Cheran, the father figure too as he doesn’t seem to be standing for her. Cheran consoles Losliya and says he wouldn’t even dream of not standing beside her. He assures her that he always support her.

Sakshi, Losliya and Kavin are at end of their tethers emotionally. Kavin wants to leave out of this chaos. Sakshi is still trying to mend what is broken. Losliya is taken aback by those hurtful comments towards her which makes her seem like a homewrecker which is what she is afraid to seem. Sherin seems to be the only sane person in the house who doesn’t seem to be taking anybody’s side and talks rationally. Sherin’s views are accurate and commendable in this situation. Even Tharshan seems to be taking Sakshi’s side. The whole house is taking two sides of justice. Each of them has their own opinion on the issue. The one common thing among them, is, they all want to put a full stop to this never ending vicious circle of events.

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