Bigg Boss 3 | Day 43 | Aug 4 | Written Updates

It is yet another a much awaited eviction week that we have reached in the Bigg Boss 3. As we saw Kamal shared the audiences views in yesterday’s episode, the course of the season tend to cloy due to the repeated Sakshi-Kavin issues. We anticipated that either Sakshi or Kavin get caught in the eviction wind. But the result was unexpected. Today’s episode has many light-hearted moments. The conversations are engaged in both ways between contestants and the host Kamal.

The contestants get into the characters that were assigned to them in this week’s luxury task and ask Kamal some interesting questions. Saravanan as Vijayakanth asks Kamal that why he doesn’t he involve in the actor association issues and help to get them resolved. Kamal answers that he is helping by not intruding the members’ efforts to participate in the issues to find a solution. Sandy as Simbu keeps it fun and gets the discernment of Kamal on various things. He also asks the most dubious question of all about Marudhanayagam movie. Kamal says he has a plan for it. Mugen as Vijay hooks Kamal into a question that makes him answer on whose shoes Kamal wishes to fill in the house if he gets a chance. Kamal’s answer is Tharshan. It is known from his words that how he shares Tharshan’s pain through his film Thenali and through more ways. Kamal wells up as he talks about Srilanka. Abirami tries to hearten the moment and asks a lovely question and gets a lovely answer. Abirami asks what he thinks about unrequited love. Kamal’s rejoinder talks about the unrequited love of Ravan. It didn’t succeed but that doesn’t mean that love wasn’t venerable. Madhumitha as Saroja Devi asks Kamal what two films of MGR and Sivaji that he would like to remake to this day. Kamal says that he is quite fond of MGR’s Naadodi Mannan as his childhood’s obsession dominated this movie. And he would like to do Sivaji’s part in Devar Magan. Losliya as Trisha asks about the unique making of “Neela Vaanam..” from Manmadhan Ambu. It is such a unique process in making which takes meticulous amount of effort to make it possible. The whole song is sung in reversed manner, which is a painstaking effort to make it accurate as the scenes in the song is captured in reverse motion. It always astonishes to know the effort behind this elegant song and the great thing is Kamal never bragged about it. Well, I, for one, think that he should have. Kamal, who always introduces uniqueness to tamil cinema, stands one step ahead in his every creation.

Kamal is happy at the end of this segment as it keeps him and the show interesting and exciting. Now Kamal gets to play with the contestants. He paired 12 of them into 6 teams and let them to fill the shoes of the other person with them. Sandy and Sakshi are paired and it gets funny as much as it could. It is good to see Sakshi with involvement and participatory spirit. Sherin and Losliya are paired. Mugen and Tharshan pair pull each other legs and as healthy competitors, they dignify each other. Madhumitha and Saravan are paired. Cheran and Abirami are paired. As the lively fun part goes, the contestants enjoy the moments and almost get their mind off of eviction. Things get real and Kamal reaches the eviction segment of the week. He pairs the housemates once again and handcuffs them to release the one who gets to leave the house. Sakshi and Kavin almost have made their mind to go home. But things are not planned in their favours. It’s Reshma, who is nominated for the very first time in the season, who is leaving the house this evening. She bids goodbye to her friends in the house. She seems strong. Kamal welcomes her on the stage and encourages her that she has just missed the winning number of votes as she has come very near. A single mother, who faces the world alone, who stood up the domestic violence, decides to shed the light on her personal life in this season. It is to encourage every woman out there who faces violence in the house to stand up for themselves. She says she is there to put the things under the light so that it will inject the bravery into the hearts of those helpless women and tell them that they can do it alone and they don’t have to put up with such abuse. She gracefully walks out of the stage to reach much more heights than this. Mugen breaks down as he feels that he is responsible for Reshma’s eviction. Mugen plays out all the possibilities in his mind to change his one wrong decision of nominating Reshma. Now, he feels sorry and tries in vain to get out of that emotional pit he has fallen into even when he has the people who love him by his side. Mugen is the captain of this week in the house. It is necessary for him to gain the mental strength to deal with the things in the house in coming days. We will see the state of the house tomorrow.

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