Bigg Boss 3 |Day 47 | Aug 8 | Written Updates | Penbugs

It’s a new day in the Bigg Boss house today as the season nears 50 days. A course change in the events at the house. We see the contestants as the day begins. Kavin and Tharshan chop vegetables for lunch under Madhu’s instruction. They have fun at work as they truly possess the gift of gab. They keep talking to pass their time in the house.

A fun task, with writing pad, paper bowls and basket, is given to the contestants today which bring together their morale at the house. As they end the task successfully, A surprise gift waits for them. It’s the new entry to house, actress Kasthuri. Housemates are stunned at the new entry and seem a bit anxious. Kasthuri, who has seen the 45 days of the house events as an audience, presume the accurate judgement on everyone in the house. She introduces herself to the housemates and allows themselves to give a tour of the house.

Kasthuri registers that it’s Cheran who inspired her to participate in the game. She has already started to pull Kavin and Sakshi’s legs. She even points out that Sakshi does nothing but crying. She asks everyone for their purpose of their participation in the game. Kasthuri says that she is here to learn to control her anger. Bigg Boss welcomes Kasthuri just after she begins to settle down. The best performers of the task and chores are chosen. Cheran, Sandy and Losliya are chosen to compete each other for next week’s captaincy. This week, no one is chosen as worst performer. Nobody goes to jail. Instead, Kasthuri is asked to assign certain super powers to some of the housemates as impositions.

Kavin writes “forgive me” using his nose. Sakshi stands upside down. Sherin does squat and Abirami sings to entertain who uses toilet. Madhu is asked to hold umbrella for Tharshan. Tharshan, to pull her leg, jogs around the house, leaps around the place to make Madhu run for her task. It ends without any conflicts as intended.

Losliya and Kavin encounter a conflict as Kavin mentions that she didn’t try to save him from eviction last week when Kamal asked. He waited 4 days to bring it up. He said it without any intention to hurt her but it hit losliya hard. She says Abirami was there to console her when she broke dowm. She felt that she owed to save her. She also thought that Kavin would understand her intention. But, since he brings it up today, it makes Losliya to feel guilty.

Contestants seem a bit anxious around Kasthuri as she might know things that they don’t know. Kasthuri seems a straight forward character. So this will possibly agitate some in the coming days. Not many of them seem happy about her arrival, especially Cheran. And yet, he is ready to give her the chance to get to know her and let her know him. Kavin puts forward a point to Sandy that Sakshi tries to side with Kasthuri. The best performers Cheran, Sandy and Losliya give the reason to be in the competition for captaincy. Kasthuri is given a power by Bigg Boss to replace the contestants if she is not satisfied with their reasons. Kasthuri happily gives them green signal to compete each other. We will know more as the new addition seems to be a ticking time bomb as Kasthuri herself admitted that she has anger issues. We will know more in the coming days and her presumption towards others in the house.

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