Bigg Boss 3 Day 5 | Written Updates

Tharshan, Abirami, Saravanan, Cheran and Madhumitha open up about their sufferings in the past today. They are not just the happy, enthusiastic face they put on every day. Behind all that facade, they deeply have buried their insecurities, humiliation, fear and yearning.

Their stories are not just tearjerkers but also allow a possibility to self reflect ourselves in the society we live in. Abirami and Meera try to patch things up between them. Five of the contestants shares their personal stories that leave the crowd dumbstruck. Tharshan and Saravanan are just opening up to others today.

While Tharshan, the Srilankan model, shares the most spine chilling experience of his childhood in Yazhpanam, Srilanka, among the war situation, his impoverished family’s struggle, his fight to rise above in his field with all the humiliation in his work, are heart-melting, Saravanan opens up elaborately today after 4 days into the house. He shares the ugliest truth from his pasts, If it’s any other day, he would want to cower behind them. But today, in the Bigg Boss house, he doesn’t flinch to reveal them. Maybe, he begins to think it’s time to get them all out and leave them behind once and for all. His troubled married life and his abandoned siblings’ relationships.

He breaks down when he talks about his first wife who was the breadwinner in the family. He seems humiliated to run the family with his wife’s help. He seems apologetic about it too. He feels grateful for having a child of his own with his second wife and looks at this part of life as his happy second half. Cheran who ends his note that his struggles in life always end on a happy note, shares the moments of the day when his wife gave birth to his daughter when he didn’t have a penny to take care of his wife that day and yet somehow it all ended well. He firmly believes that it is always going to be a happy ending.

Madhumitha shares about her troublesome fatherless childhood. She is all glee and bright on the outside but today, she gets to her true-self who has never seen her father’s face and just wanted to see him once when all the other kids in her school were happy with the things from their fathers. She discloses the difficulty of her family who was living the whole life without any men’s support. While Madhu is longing for her passed father, Abirami tells about her egoistic father who didn’t care about his family’s well-being, even about her education. She tells how she spared no effort to stand on her feet without her parents’ help.

Bigg Boss season 3 is very emotional and heavy-hearted. We still have one more day to go to the weekend when the host Kamal hassan would come and show them the mirror who are reluctant to accept the fact even they are wrong. Tune in for more.