Bigg Boss 3 Day 7 | Written Updates

First weekend of this season is here.

Today, We see Sandy, Losliya and Mugen shared their heartfelt stories. Sandy, who is being always jovial, spreads the cheer to the crowd only through the way he knows, his comedy. He shares how his mischievous behaviour as a young kid always gets him in trouble with his mother which seems to be a comic relief for what is to come after that.

The story of Losliya and Mugen left the housemates with a heavy heart. When Losliya shares about the loss of her sister and how that suicide broke her and her family.

Mugen shares about how his dysfunctional family situation broke his mental stability when he was a young kid, how it affected his studies and his peace of mind. He breaks down at the thought of how wrongly his father treated his mother, his siblings and how he had to stand up for them against his father.

Kamal Hasan, the host of the show, meets the housemates after a week and tells them what we all think, that how heart-melting their stories were, how they have gained all the viewers in a very short span in this season. And not only that, it’s Kamal’s turn today to share intimate moments from his life for the questions from the housemates. His experience and wisdom establishes as an eye-opener for the contestants for the ups and downs that are going to come at them in their life.

We have more to come tomorrow from the host. Tune in for more!