Bigg Boss 3, Day 8 | Written Updates

We are at the first eviction-free Sunday in the Bigg Boss season 3 where the unruffled house turned into a tumultuous crowd this weekend. A lot of significant moments has its part in today’s episode. Fathima and Losliya, the two efficient newsreaders, have a good time in showcasing their great work with finesse. When things are mentioned and received out of contexts about a “bottle-baby” between Mugen and Abirami among the housemates, it makes chaos in the house.

Madhu finds such an act to be depicted as Tamil cultural distortion. Madhu’s comments hassle Abirami and she stands up for herself. After exchanging many opposing views, Housemates take Abirami’s side as Madhu’s comments sound judgemental. Madhu put herself in a precarious position for finding something that doesn’t need to be defended.

A dubious comment turns as a personal attack. Abirami feels Madhu’s comments make her character assassinated. Madhu is in a confused state that whether she has to be herself in this “family” or she has to perceive this as a game show and go along the way. Among this chaos, Meera and Cheran step on the wrong foot when Cheran explains and tries to defend Meera’s unstable situation at the beginning of her entry, which Meera denies.

Cheran considers this incident as an ungrateful return for his help towards Meera. When Madhu puts her ideas of how Tamil culture is depicted in this house, Sherin takes it out of context and considers that as an attack towards herself as she isn’t from Tamil Nadu. Madhu apologizes to Sherin that she doesn’t mean it how it is conveyed but she says doesn’t apologize for speaking her mind. At the end of the day, Madhu spends her time isolated and makes her mind not to involve in anybody’s business. Mohan Vaithya is the new captain of the house this week. Vanitha and Mohan will not be evicted in the coming week.

Tune in for more to come!