Bigg Boss 3 Day 9 | Written Updates

After a chaotic weekend in Bigg Boss, Housemates enter the next week which seems to be the calm after the storm. They try to rejuvenate themselves along the path where they learn about each other’s real personality. Madhumitha, who grew up in a house without a man’s support, who was disciplined by her single mother to live the perception of her mother where life has to be an organized strict pattern, put forth a comment yesterday for which she felt uncomfortable (though that wasn’t conveyed as intended) and that became a trigger to the fuse of a bomb that had blown yesterday. Madhu still seems to be in an isolated situation where she finds no one to tell her she is right.

Mohan Vaithya, the new captain of the house, announces the first luxury budget of this season. And to the much anticipation, the first nomination takes place today for eviction. To no one’s surprise, Madhu secures majority of the nominations from the housemates an Meera follows her place, after which Shakshi, Saravanan, Kavin, Cheran, Fathima are also nominated. As Saravanan won many hearts in yesterday’s episode as everyone’s favorite person, it surprises many to know he is nominated. Shakshi and Kavin balled up over the fact that they are nominated and try to figure the reason behind it. Saravanan, Sandy and Kavin discusses about Cheran’s attitude towards others and how he is not treating himself as their equals. Among all this heavyhearted hassles, Housemates have fun with a game. A game where a bone is the trophy when the player picks and returns to his territory without being touched by the opponent. A fun-healthy game to boost morale in the house and creates a joyful ambience. Housemates are a little ruffled with the nomintion. It’s the viewers who are going to decide the person who will be evicted this weekend. Tune in for more!