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Bigg Boss 3 Updates| Day 100| Sep 30

Finale week in the Bigg Boss season 3 begins as a celebration in the house. The house is left for the 4 finalists Mugen, Sherin, Sandy and Losliya to their fun. Sandy wears Sherin’s dress that she wore yesterday. Sandy turns into Sandya for a while. The fun fact is that Bigg Boss names him Sandya. Sandy dances and entertains himself and others in the house.

Bigg Boss asks the contestants to tell their message the viewers about how they feel about being one of the finalists. Losliya expresses that she never dreamt that she would be a finalist. She didn’t intend to be one. She continued to play only for her family. And she says how grateful for the love and support of the unknown. She feels remarkable that a stranger like her could actually hold a place in many people’s hearts. Mugen says that how he always wanted to achieve big in life. He decided to be the inspiration of someone who he wants to look upto. He thanks for the Bigg Boss opportunity and feels incredible as he achieved what he intended to do. He thanks for the love and support that he has been longing for years.

Sherin fondly remembers the applause that she got in many one of the weeks in the Bigg Boss Sundays. She feels acknowledged by those applause as it has been years since she has heard such appreciation. She thanks the people for accepting and understanding of what kind of a person she is. Sandy thanks his family and this Bigg Boss opportunity. He thanks for the viewers’ support that has gotten him this far.

Zomato feast task, in which, the contestants orders their favourite food, and campaign for the zomato code to the viewers. Sandy and Sherin are a team and Mugen and Losliya are another. The winner is whose zomato code is used more by the viewers. And they get their orders too. They all campaign for their favourite food. While they wait for it, a surprise awaits the contestants. Mohan Vaitha, Fathima Babu, Meera Mithun and Reshma enters the house with gifts for the finalists. The contestants are happy to see their old friends in the house in these last days of the season. They all receive attractive gifts from the fellow ex-housemates.

A gallery is set in the activity area of the house. The most heart touching moments of this season are captured as a photograph and show to the people in the house. They are asked to share which moments close to their hearts. Fathima tells about the moment Losliya and her father shared in the house when he first entered. Reshma goes back to the days where Mugen was always beside her as a pillar. Mohan thinks of Mugen as his real son and shares that his tears make him wanna cry too. They all shares the comment on Mugen’s genuineness. Mugen thanks for all the love from sixteen strangers who have turned as a family now. Meera thinks of the moment when Cheran was hurt by her words. She feels bad that she could’ve chosen a better choice of words and prevented this could’ve happened ever. Losliya tells that she came into the house with the intention of not to cry and not to emotionally attached with anyone. But she says Cheran and Abirami are the 2 wonderful people who supported her when she was emotionally wrecked. Sherin thinks of the moments how an introvert in her, found the friendship in the house so quickly. She shares she has felt real heartbreaks in the house which she didn’t expect to experience. Sandy shares that how his jokes crossed a line few times and hurt Mohan. He remembers that Mohan has been a great supporter despite that. Sandy says that he has realized himself in these 100 days into a house.

The contestants stumbles upon the decoration that has been made in the yard. This shouts the finale week loudly and gets everyone in the celebration mode. They receive new dresses and delicious meals, a stage to dance to a peppy song. The 4 housemates don’t feel outnumbered as they are with their lost friends in the house to make this 7 days to go quickly. A tv screen that silently screams 7 days to go with Kamal’s banner. The show’s end has started sink in the minds’ of the contestants.

7 days to go!

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