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Bigg Boss 3 Updates| Day 101| Oct 1

2nd day of the finale week is here and it doesn’t cease to be fun. While the contestants looked back at the emotionally heartwrenching moments yesterday, they look back at the happy moments in this Bigg Boss season 3. Happiness in the house seems to have been spurted in the house by Sandy.

Sandy has fun with Meera’s meditation just like in the old days. The contestants are given a task to guess an hour of time as they have lived in this house without their watch and their mobile phones. Mugen guesses an hour at 59 mins and wins among the 4. The housemates are shown the happiest moments of the season at which their laughter echoed in every corner of the house. They are shown collages of those scenes and they are left in splits once again. They all cherish the moments and admire how Sandy’s humour sense has been the saviour to most of them in the house. This is a real tearjerker for Sandy as he is overwhelmed by all the happiness in the house. He is proud that he has achieved what he intended to do in the house full of 16 strangers. Sandy is contended with all the love he has got.

To entertain the housemates in the finale week, the Super Singer team arrives the Bigg Boss house. They sing the favorite songs of the housemates and Mugen’s unreleased cover song. Mugen is over the moon to listen to another singer sings his original song. He gets on with the mood and be part of the orchestra. Mugen is excited and sings along with them. Sandy does a slow dance movement with LaLa’s pillow for the Kannana Kanne which says the father-daughter love beautifully. The house is once again left to the 4 contestants. The singers and the other housemates bid goodbye and leave them. The only intention of the finale week is to keep the benchmark for fun as high as possible. It never ceases to entertain the viewers.

6 days to go!

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