Bigg Boss 3 Updates| Day 102| Oct 2

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It is evident that Bigg Boss season 3 has an exponential reach among the viewers because of its the most heart touching moments and humour it endured. It holds place in the hearts as much as the same for its controversies. The finalists meet Vanitha, Cheran, Sakshi, Abirami and Kasthuri today. They are shown a collage of the moments they lost their cool and flied of the handle.

The contestants meet journalists who wish to talk to them about their experience in the house. A press meet inside the Bigg Boss house for the first time. Losliya is asked how she is gonna face her parents and the troubling society once she leaves the house. She answers that she could imagine what her family endured and she wishes to make the troubles go away by making them understand to see her point to all of it. Sherin is asked what’s her memorable moment in the house. Sherin says the one she broke down when she was accused by Vanitha to have an affair with Tharshan and the moment when Tharshan got evicted from the house. Mugen is asked about his career plans and what he has mostly missed in the 100 days. Sandy is posed a question about his emotional vulnerability towards his daughter and his intention to keep his friends happy.

The contestants meet Vanitha, Sakshi, Cheran, Abirami and Kasthuri today. While they look back at the moments when they lost their composure, Vanitha talks about the occasion when she used the ‘affair’ word to Sherin and how it is hence proved when Tharshan got evicted. Vanitha seems to instigate that Tharshan’s eviction is part of Sherin’s fault. Sherin is broken down to hear this from her friend as she has just got over blaming herself for Tharshan’s failure. Most of them side with Sherin as we have no use of accusing anyone in the final days of the season and feel it is not appropriate of Vanitha to comment on anyone or anything.

Vanitha asks the boys Sandy, Mugen and Losliya if they don’t feel the remorse that the most deserving person has left house. She tells all of them thought wrong of Vanitha to accuse Sherin like that. But she argues that’s what eventually proved with Tharshan’s eviction. Viewers might have thought Tharshan as an overconfident contestant due to his casual approach towards Sherin and decided not to vote him.

Sherin weeps for it as it hits her hard that because of her Tharshan lost his chance while Kasthuri and Sakshi try to calm her down. Sherin shows how disappointed at Vanitha as the dear friend in her is not standing with her while she goes through the final days in the Bigg Boss house. Vanitha also throws some heat towards Kasthuri as she accuses the latter always blow things out of proportion. Bigg Boss season 3 has achieved one last time to get the contestants to fight successfully. Vanitha is still conversing with Sherin to get things clarified.

5 more days to go!