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Bigg Boss 3 Updates| Day 103| Oct 3

It’s yet another day for the Bigg Boss housemates to look back at the journey that they have travelled. The contestants are showered with love and gifts from the sponsors and well wishers of Star Vijay TV.

The finalists Mugen, Losliya, Sandy and Sherin listen to the audios of most crucial moments of this season and make out the person involved in the conversation, topic of it and the place that occurs. By listening to those moments, they get to relive the moments. Sherin makes out the most of the audios and wins the task while Mugen scores the least.

Vijay TV anchors crew Balaji, Priyanka, Rio, Ratchan and Ma.Ka.Pa meet the housemates. The finalists are given a task to ignore the guests and not listen to their actions and words. It is all in vain as Priyanka cracks hearty jokes and it is hard to ignore her. They launch the new Asia’s the biggest game show The Wall that is going to be followed after the Bigg Boss season 3 is over. Priyanka fills out the details what kind of game it is and induces the curiosity of this new venture. The guests wish the finalists their best and leave them to their game.

The finalists are showered with gifts individually from the Bigg Boss show’s sponsor Levista, Pothys, RKG and Prisma. The housemates once again look at the gallery that is filled with memorable moments in the house. They talk about the moments that lingers in their heart. Mugen talks fondly of Kavin, Sandy and Tharshan. Abirami is overwhelmed by the sisterhood she got in Losliya and life long friendship in Mugen. Losliya talks about how it may seem she and Mugen are not that close but she remembers he is the first she has become a friend in the house and she wants to continue this throughout their life. Sandy remembers Kavin and thinks of Mugen and Tharshan as the new acquaintances. Sherin talks fondly of Vanitha and says how she understands Vanitha’s nature and accepts as she is.

4 more days to go!

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