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Bigg Boss 3 Updates| Day 104| Oct 4

The last Friday in the Bigg Boss Tamil season 3 is here. It is an emotionally interlaced episode that has been made to choke us in sadness for one last time. The 16 housemates, once again, relive the moments that left them heartbroken at any point of time in these 100 days.

Vanitha, Cheran, Kasthuri, Sakshi and Abirami are in the house already as guests. The Friday welcomes Meera, Reshma, Mohan and Fathima and they all wait to receive Kavin and Tharshan. Sandy and Mugen lifts Kavin and Tharshan above the ground and run around the house in excitement to catch up. Zomato feast tasks send the favourite foods that was ordered by the finalists. And Sherin enjoys in devouring her favourite Spaghetti arrabiatta.

Sandy and Mugen stuffs Tharshan with their leftover chickens to showcase their untapped love. Kavin tells Losliya that he is proud of her and proud of themselves as he finds its only them who were honest throughout the game without hiding any of their emotions. Sandy and Kavin joins and relives the moments in the house.

Airtel stream task for the housemates to video chat with their family members individually. Sherin meets her mom and misses to be with her right away. She longs to see her puppy and concerns over his wellness. Sherin shows the saree, with excitement, she is wearing which was a gift from Cheran to her. Sherin mom tells her how proud of her and how much she deserves to be where she is with the only love a mother could have. Mugen meets his beloved brother figure from Malaysia through video chat. He puffs up his chest to know that he has achieved something that he put his mind to it. Mugen is full of pride and inspiring.

Sandy video chats with LaLa. He tries to make her to give flying kiss to him. Sandy doesn’t miss to make it fun by pulling his wife’s leg too. Losliya talks with her father. She bids good bye to him as he leaves the country to get back to his work. Losliya is concerned at his physical and mental well being. She wishes him the best and asks him to always trust her.

The 16 housemates relive the moments that left them and their friends heartbroken. They once again get choked by the lump in their throats. They look back at the journey they have travelled and how they come out maturely of it. They hug each other so tight they seal their microphones and we can’t hear them properly. They miss to leave the house as it comes to an end. They all make peace with each other leaving behind any petty grudges they hold against each other. Now once again, the house is left to the finalist. 12 housemates leave the house for one last time. Bigg Boss wishes them all the best. They all feel grateful for the moments, the memories and the pride they have gained in the house. At the end of the day, Losliya thanks Bigg Boss for such an emotionally packed day that somehow fulfills the hearts. They meet Kamal tomorrow. One last Saturday of this season will arrive tomorrow.

3 Days To Go!

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