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Bigg Boss 3 Updates| Day 105| Oct 5

The infamous Bigg Boss season 3 is at its last weekend and the fun certainly awaits for us to see. The celebration mode, that was throughout this week, is infectious. The show meets its benchmark and kudos to the creativity in them. Kamal walks the stage in his Tuxedo and we see the celebration in him too. To pull off something like Bigg Boss show, the way it captures its audiences, it’s all made possible by the unknown faces that sweat behind the scenes. Even to open the door to the stage for Kamal, it requires manual effort of 6 to 7 people. Kamal calls them to the stage to get to see their faces. That’s the least he could do. Kamal emphasis on the hard work behind the show and the anonymous out there who supports the show. He points the employment opportunities for more than 300 people behind it and that’s the very first advantage of this show he would say to anyone who ask him. Kamal also remembers the exceptional diligence of our TN electricity board during Gaja Puyal disasters and talks high of the heroes he had seen. We peek into the house to know the Friday happenings.

The day begins with clusters of dancers who dance with the finalists. Sandy thanks Bigg Boss for it brought his memories back from the days when he danced with his choreographers crew. The finalists Mugen, Sandy, Sherin and Losliya are given each plain t-shirts and asked to write messages on them that they want to convey each other. They let out their love in the creative way that is possible for them. The contestants get to talk to Bigg Boss in the confession room for one last time individually. They are asked all sorts of questions about how they feel about being one of the finalists, what they wish to change in the past events of the house to make things right, what they wish to cherish. What they regret, what message they wish to say to their supporters and message to their favourite place in the Bigg Boss house. Sandy thanks his supporters for considering him a deserved contestant to go to finals, he wishes to change the event that cracked the bond between Kavin and himself. He characterises the Red door of the house as his favourite place when all the happiness and sadness reside. Mugen feels this opportunity prepared him for the wild world outside. He feels he has been beaten hard to shine for the rest of his encounters he is gonna face in life. He thanks the Bigg Boss house and the viewers and fellow contestants who didn’t alienate him at all. Sherin couldn’t believe she is in the finals given that she truly feels she has been competing against deserving and challenging contestants. She thanks for the love and support and applause that was a music to her ears. Sherin says she feels that she has emotionally matured and she will continue be the same if she is given a chance to continue in the house from Day 1. Losliya didn’t dream to be in the finals. She feels overwhelmed by all the love and support that she has received from the unknown out there. She thanks for it and feels grateful to accept a stranger like her as she is. Losliya feels that she was not abiding by justice when it involved the people that are beloved to her. She feels she couldn’t help not to side them. She is emotionally connected with few of them which she didn’t expect to happen. She feels nothing can’t be changed but she decides to embrace her faults. They all look back at the amazing journey that is filled with priceless memories. They all miss to leave the house as it has become a part of them.

They groom themselves for the big day. Haircut, pedicure, manicure and facial follow in the list. They capture their fresh faces in a fun photoshoot and adorned themselves in gorgeous, stylish dresses. The finalists meet Kamal and talks about their learnings in these 100 days.

Mugen says he has learned to become more patient. He wishes to correct his anger issues and rush behaviour. Kamal points it out how it suits for every fellow humans. Sherin says she has learned to be patient too. She is stunned to see her physical transformation in the show from Day 1 to this day. She feels happy and extremely proud of herself. Losliya says she has learned that how easy it is to connect with a fellow human being. She also says she has always put herself first but here she has learned to put others’ needs first too and supports them. Sandy says he has learned about himself a lot. He found himself as an equally emotional person as much as a fun person he is. He learns the importance of the family and wishes to give the love to his family that he has been depriving them all along.

Losliya, as a newsreader herself, is asked by Kamal to comprise the 100 days of the show as a news to the viewers. Losliya is very composed and nailed it. Kamal admires her composure that reflect her experience in the house. Mugen is asked by Kamal and by the kvelling audiences to sing his signature Enna Marandha song. Sandy has prepared some fun bits with a disclaimer “just for fun” and imagines how it would be if certain people of the house wins the Bigg Boss trophy.

Sandy poses himself as Cheran, Vanitha, Mohan and Meera. His bits are satire filled and leave the audiences in splits. Kamal even says that he doesn’t have to walk on the eggshells anymore as they days are over and he can certainly says exactly what’s is on his mind. He says he has prepared a Bigg Boss celebration song and infused further more in that to match out expectation. Kamal doesn’t wish to poke this happy bubble that surrounds the finalists. They all seem winners to him and leave them to enjoy few hours they have left in the house. The big announcement waits for tomorrow. The finale starts at 6 PM tomorrow to see the winner of Bigg Boss season 3.

1 Day to Go!

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