Bigg Boss 3 Updates | Day 60 | Aug 21

It’s another day in the Bigg Boss where the contestants got a chance to turn to their inner child-self. The day begins with the contestants mimicks dog’s barking impressively as a fun task. The confrontation between Kasthuri and Vanitha is still continuing from yesterday. It is interpreted as Kasthuri mocked Vanitha. Kasthuri sort of admit the accusation but still finds ways to stir up the feud by analyzing and dissecting it more.

The contestants move up to grade class from Kindergarten. They read Tamil verses and Cheran is their principal who teaches them Tamil verses. He teaches them tongue twisters. He encourages all the “kids” to come forward and to break their stage fear. The Bigg Boss school ends on a sweet note where all of them capture this memory using Oppo mobile phone. It is not exaggerating to say Sandy and most of the contestants bring back our own school memories. Sandy is uncanny as a school kid. They sing a song to reflect their Bigg Boss school memories. And Kasthuri, their teacher, sings a song that reflects the naughtiness of the “kids” under which their real talent is hidden.

The housemates share the memories of their favorite teachers in their life. Kavin, Losliya, Sherin, Tharshan keep it to their school teachers memories. Sandy owes his growth to Dance master Kala too. Following him, Cheran owes it to film director K.S. Ravikumar and Vanitha owes it to film director P. Vasu to whom she learned the directorial techniques as his assistant. She developed the interests behind the screen on the course. Kasthuri has shared one of the most heart wrentching story that the house has ever heard. She talks about her daugher who was in dead bed at the age of 7. This excruciating memory pains her as this kid is free from sin as any kid. But still, she is enduring such pain at this young age. Kasthuri hated God for it and loves Him for making her better. She shares this story as her daughter is one of the most valuable teacher along with her parents who taught her what is more important in life. She says this Bigg Boss house is fighting over a issue that amounts to nothing while “real” people who is enduring unimaginable pain and face it with smile on their face.

Kavin and Losliya spend more time together and sharing many moments. Cheran, the fatherly figure to Losliya, feels that they need to cut it short. He feels it is no good for their reputation. He doesn’t seem to realize his relationship with Losliya is still strained. It is doubtful even his words would be valued at this point by both the parties. Kavin still harbours the grudge over Cheran for not speaking up last week with the issue with Madhumitha. Losliya keeps the silence as she seem to side with Kavin’s opinion in this case and stands against Cheran. This issue is still not boiled out of the pot and not come to discussion or confrontation part.

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