Bigg Boss 3 Updates| Day 63| Aug 24

Kamal hasan, the host of the show, meets the contestants today as usual, as the representative of the voice of the audiences. 60+ days are crossed in the show and Kamal shows that it is time tightly hold the reins with his disciplined grasp. He doesn’t sugarcoat his criticization today. We see the happenings on Friday in the house. Contestants participates in Yamaha bike ads being the models and photographers of the bikes they represent. Tharshan explicitly shows his modeling style and mixes it with his charm. He wins the task among other Models Mugen, Kavin, Sandy and Losliya. Sandy emphasise the importance of wearing helmet while riding the bikes when no one mentions it.

Kamal meets the audience from the watchtower room of the show where the 24 hours of reality is compressed to an hour long interesting show with the perfect editing to laud. Kamal registers that this show should have its own signature and discipline even when such shows in other languages don’t bother about what they preach. He said that the show doesn’t encourage bad words of choice and it doesn’t include a swimming pool as the whole of Tamilnadu is under water shortage. He is full of pride as this show concerns the fellow human who watches it.

Kamal praises Sherin’s captaincy as this is one of the serene week in the house. He congratulates Cheran for becoming the captain of the house for this week. Kamal doesn’t let it slide that Sandy mocked Kasthuri during “Amma nan poitu varen” task as she looks like a school cooking maid rather look like a teacher. Kamal strongly objects his word of choice as his mockery crosses the boundary. Kamal emphasis on the importance of the maids in the schools who not only prepares food for the needy kids but also they are there for them to teach them, being responsible for taking such students to great heights. Kamal is firm that their efforts should not be brushed aside for making jokes. Sandy accepts his fault and apologize for the same as he didn’t intend to do in the way it conveyed.

Kavin, Losliya and Cheran are involved today in the main discussion. Kamal asks Losliya and Kavin if they have taken Cheran’s advise as a wise one or if they take it as a burden. Losliya doesn’t dare to utter her mind. After gradual drilling from Kamal’s interrogation, she is ready to give the reason for distancing herself from her Fatherly figure Cheran. Cheran advised Losliya and Kavin to take it in their mind how their closeness is portrayed outside this house for their well being, earlier this week. They both realize what is at stake but couldn’t help to fall out of love. Kamal reveals that the luxury budget points are reduced because 2 of them speak without turning on their microphones intentionally. Losliya and Kavin remove the battery from their mikes and trying to have a talk that they don’t want anybody to listen. Kamal insists that this is breaking the house rule and they would face severe consequences if they do it again after this firm warning. He also hints his green light if this is a matter that has to be discussed, he asks them to take it outside the house once the game is over.

Kamal tries to analyze Losliya’s headspace in her relationship with Cheran as it looks more and more strained. He makes Losliya to answer this confustion as she is on her guilt trip because she nominated Cheran for eviction. Cheran is aware that Losliya nominated him and he didn’t show any hint of sorrow over it. Losliya couldn’t make herself to make even an eye contact with Cheran as guilt eats her up. Kamal makes her pain easy that even Cheran once nominated Losliya during the first week in the house in order to save her from this chaotic house. So Losliya seems a little relieved as she knows that Cheran and others are aware of her guilt. Since this issue involves Kavin too, Kamal mentions that Kavin can’t be the spectator in the issue all the time. Kamal also hints that Kavin usually keeps his silence when meets him and talks when and where he has to.

Kamal asks about the conflicts and confusion to choose worst performers of the week. They all name Kasthuri and Vanitha for deviating from their characters and not justifying the characters that they have taken upon. Kamal also seems to agree with the housemates. He wants the contestants to have an individual opinion about who is the worst performers and not following the chain of opinions.

Kamal explores the little fight between Sherin and Tharshan. They both handled the issue maturely even before Kamal’s involvement in the topic. We wish the duos who were in the house earlier would have dealt the indifferences between them with same amount of maturity. Kamal leaves the housemates in suspense on who gets to be saved from eviction until tomorrow. Cheran, Tharshan, Sandy and Kasthuri are facing the eviction this weekend.

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