Bigg Boss 3 Updates| Day 75| Sep 5

Tharshan – Sherin relationship is questioned by Vanitha today which ends up in Sherin’s terrible breakdown. As we have been seeing in the recent days, Vanitha tells Sherin to stay away from involving with Tharshan to keep her dignity hold high. We have been seeing Sherin too feels down whenever she feels insulted or neglected by Tharshan. She whines and cries about it to Vanitha as she doesn’t want to get attached to anyone or anything. Vanitha consoles her from time to time and advises her not to get attached to anyone as this is just a game show. For past few days, Vanitha tells Sherin that she is distracted in front of Tharshan and tries to advise her not to be the way. Sherin is offended by the remark as she has given her full potential in every task she has been doing. She feels that there is no reason to do such a comment as it contradicts what she feels. Sherin talks about it with Tharshan. She tells him that whatever they talk and do between each other has never crossed the line. She would like to keep this cute friendship that excepting a little flirtations. They seem cute even on a serious conversation.

Vanitha, as a Captain, has taken the initiative to let the housemates to learn and cook under her supervision. It was Sherin’s turn yesterday to do lunch and dinner. As they were all involved in the pillow stitching task all day, Sherin couldn’t find a way to prepare lunch. And she didn’t plan the lunch plan proactively beforehand during breakfast itself. Vanitha remarks that as they had Mohan Vaithya with them yesterday, they were able to manage their incompetence in their planning. He helped them prepare food. Today, when Sherin comes for preparing the breakfast, when it is scheduled for Losliya to cook today, Vanitha talks about how she is not capable of multitask with luxury task and house chores unlike others.

Sherin, who is already disappointed at Vanitha for remarking on her focus of the game, her distraction and Tharshan, is heavily offended by it. She feels she has been called out as an lazy, irresponsible person in the house. She walks out of the kitchen as she is just disappointed with her friend, Vanitha. Vanitha tells Cheran and others too that she didn’t do her work proactively like how others used to do and that became the reason to slip from preparing dinner yesterday. And she tells other housemates as a captain to try to manage tasks and chores and communicate to her beforehand to arrange an alternate plan if they couldn’t do.

Vanitha calls for a round table meeting with everyone in the house. She tells that as the days go forward, they will have less no. of people in the house. The chores and task have be managed simultaneously. She comments that Sherin slipped away from her responsibility and distracted from her task whenever she is in front of Tharshan. She tells she chooses a wrong time to go to the shower while cooking. Sherin is offended that Vanitha’s comments portray her as a love sick puppy who runs behind Tharshan. Sherin tells that she has been given her full potential and her best work in the tasks. Tharshan also stands with her. Cheran interrupts Vanitha as she is dragging and conjuring a problem that is not there in the first place. Cheran clearly tells the housemates the agenda of the meeting that everyone should stick to their task and chores and do it responsibly. People who sloths will face the consequence in the nomination. Sandy and others agree to Cheran’s point. When Cheran tells Sherin that she didn’t notice to prepare dinner yesterday and that is the cause of this ruckus now. Sherin accepts her mistake and apologize for it but she never accepts Vanitha’s untrue accusation of her being distracted. Sherin is still disappointed in her friend Vanith. She will hate her in few minutes.

Sherin resorts herself to a corner to Sakshi to support her. Vanitha comes down to her in few minutes and tries make Sherin see her point as she cares for her. Vanitha, who stood for Abirami when Madhu brought the Tamil culture issue, tells Madhu and everyone that whatever happens between two people it is their concern and their rights and we can’t comment on it. Today, to care for her friend, Vanitha tries to go beyond being just a housemate and tries to protect Sherin. Sherin things there is nothing to protect her from. She says it is just friendship between Tharshan and her. She asks Vanitha to stop saying these things about her.

Cheran wants to end this before it becomes problematic. Vanitha tells Sherin that Tharshan has someone in his life outside the house. She says if she stands in that person’s shoes, she would perceive as an affair. Vanitha tells if the relationship between any two people affects the decorum of the house, she has all the rights to ask about it. Vanitha’s words shatters Sherin. She doesn’t expect Vanitha out of all to talk to her like that. The word affair hurts Sherin more than she could bear. She feels sorry for herself to hear such hurtful words in the house, while all she has done, is standing with the people she loves. Sherin doesn’t want to talk to Vanitha anymore. She doesn’t want to talk to Tharshan too after her friendship with him is degraded like this. Tharshan asks Vanitha there is no need at all to use the word affair. Vanitha tells him that Sherin would cry to her as why she is affected by him. They both know that even Sherin might have had some feelings towards Tharshan, she doesn’t want to act on it. She is aware that Tharshan has someone in his life. Sherin doesn’t want that someone to get hurt by her actions. Sherin sobs and it is truly painful to see her like this. Cheran consoles her that she is the bravest person he knows and he doesn’t want to see her cry like this. Though we see that Vanitha genuinely cares about Sherin, her way of proving her point to Sherin is utterly inappropriate. There is one more day to go until the housemates meet Kamal.

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