Bigg Boss 3 Updates| Day 76| Sep 6

The relationship between Sherin and Vanitha is still looking strained. Sherin resorted to a corner after Vanitha’s horrendous accusation on her. Vanitha said that her acquaintance with Tharshan looked like an affair. Sherin broke down at the remark. Tharshan sits with her and consoles her. Tharshan says that she has nothing to worry about his real life relationship as it is not upto her to make anything right. Tharshan makes her smile in their own way and tries to make her alright. Kavin seems to grapple the reality of the house and learns to shrugs it off lightly.

Mohan says to Sherin and Mugen that he has seen the show from outside and everybody is acting and wearing a facade. Mugen asks that if he seemed acting too. Mohan says he seemed that way too. Mugen is hurt by that. Mohan talks with him and says that he has been enjoying his the insensitive remarks on him when Sandy was doing it. Mohan feels he didn’t object the absurdity. From the luxury task, best and worst performers are chosen. Vanitha’s team wins the task so they have to choose 2 best performers. Losliya’s team loses to Vanitha’s team so they have to choose the worst performer. Vanitha, Sherin, Tharshan and Cheran are a team. They discuss and choose Vanitha and Tharshan are the best performers. Sherin feels that she has equally done the same amount of effort as same as Vanitha. Sherin feels she deserves to be the best performer in Vanitha’s place. Vanitha tells Kavin that there are vessels that left uncleaned after breakfast and Sherin is in the cooking team and Vanitha tells that sherin has not cleared it off. Vanitha tells that everybody is in rotating the chores now and so now everybody begins to know what exactly is happening. Everybody comes out of their comfort zone now. Vanitha tells that Sherin doesn’t make much effort to do the chores proactively and independently. Kavin talks among his gang that Vanitha talks about rule whenever it is convenient for her.

The next day begins. Vanitha and Sherin still lock horn over the house chores. Vanitha complains that Sherin isn’t available to prepare Lunch and do house chores. In the middle of it, Cheran burns his hand while cooking. Sherin helps him to water his injury and Vanitha applies tooth paste on it. Vanitha later tells Sakshi that Sherin is just posing herself as an angel and skipping most of her chores in the house.

There is an award ceremony in the house. Mohan, Sakshi and Abirami are the judges of the task and awards them derogatory titles from the public opinion. They award Chameleon title to Losliya. She refuses to accept the award and throw it at their foot. Mohan and Sakshi feel insulted and an uproar erupt in the house. As the conversation goes beyond the boundary, Sakshi talks back at Losliya and the tension elevates in the room. Her remarks insult Mohan at a point and Mohan gets very angry. Cheran talks in support of Losliya that this award doesn’t come with a reason to accept. Hence she cannot be forced to accept it. They halt the task as all of them are tensed by the situation. Then to respect the duty that’s given to them, they resume the task. Sandy is awarded Fox. Vanitha is awarded Cow and Mosquito. Mugen is Parrot. Tharshan is eagle. Sherin is firefly. Kavin is frog. Losliya again is awarded Dog for her loyalty in her relationship with her friends despite it contradicts the chameleon award. Cheran is awarded elephant. All of them together receives Leech award. Losliya apologizes for it seems to insult Mohan she still stands on her point not to accept the award. They meet the host Kamal tomorrow. Let’s see who gets be saved from the eviction.

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