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Bigg Boss 3 Updates| Day 77| Sep 7

Kamal meets the contestants and begins his monologue with a wish to ISRO for reaching a historical milestone. He comments on the contestants that everybody has geared up to play the game as the days move forward. He comments on Vanitha’s controlling nature too. We peek into the house to know what happened on this Friday. Contestants play an Oppo Reno task. They capture their messages to their family and friends. The way Mugen and Vanitha shot their stories is cute. Sherin, Losliya and Kavin do it formally. Sandy and Tharshan do it stylishly. They are beaming with starry eyes filled with dreams. Sakshi, Mohan and Abirami are judges of this task.

The next day begins and the contestants meet Kamal. Kamal calls Sakshi, Mohan and Abirami to join him on stage. He enquires Sherin as she emotionally breakdown for the first time in the house. Kamal asks Sandy the reason why he cried in the open nomination. Sandy justifies that Kavin is the closest friend he has in the house. He nominated his friend to get evicted and that hurted him. Kavin was seemed off in the game and Sandy says he nominated him. Kamal asks Vanitha what it is with her if Sandy or Kavin cries. Vanitha says it seemed like a sympathy game and it seemed that Sandy was projecting Kavin is emotionally abused by someone else in the house. Kamal contradicts that Vanitha might be concerned by the footage time Sandy might have grabbed with his action. Vanitha tells that she doesn’t base her actions for the screen time in the show. It is just edited in the way to project her as a problem stirring person in the house. Kamal asks Vanitha that if her only strategy in the game is to cause stirs. He tells Kavin that he keeps saying that the victory should be sacrificed for the most deserving person. If he keeps saying that, it might seem that it is his own strategy in the game. Vanitha asks Kamal few questions but Kamal contradicts Vanitha’s question even when those questions seem reasonable. Tharshan and Sherin turns against Vanitha more and more. The things are not smoothened.

Vanitha – Sherin issues is being dealt. Kamal tells Sherin that viewers know what it is exactly in the house and she needs not to worry about the portrayal. Kamal calls Sakshi to the stage to register as she was a referee in the house in the issue. Sakshi says that Tharshan – Sherin relationship chemistry is captured in a cute way. Sakshi has also told Sherin that this has brought Tharshan’s girlfriend emotionally down. And this was what Vanitha’s point too. Vanitha said that as a woman, this would cause emotional turmoil to the woman in Tharshan’s life. But the choice of words turn the situation against her.

Tharshan talks back to Vanitha that she has been doing the double standard in the house. Vanitha says Sherin has shared her personal afflictions, she has the infactuation towards Tharshan. Vanitha tells Sherin’s behaviour is changed towards her and in the house. Sherin says that she is human and due to nomination stress in the house, it is obvious that her behaviour is changed. Vanitha accuses that Sherin has not been nominated for 10 weeks. Sherin has been playing double standards to her and in front of her. Vanitha talks in favour of Kavin – Losliya as she feels a genuineness in their actions. But even when Sherin claims to be her friend, she couldn’t trust anyone in the house as it is all for camera. Tharshan says Vanitha’s standards change every minute.

Kamal asks Losliya the reason for nominating Mugen. And from her answer, he gets that she prioritizes her friends too. Abirami and Mohan are asked to join Kamal on stage. They say one line comment on everyone and wishes them well. Kamal bids goodbye and will come back to join them tomorrow to reveal who gets to be evicted from the house. We will know if the secret room option is available to the evicted person to give them a second chance.

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