Bigg Boss 3 Updates| Day 78| Sep 8

One of the riveting episodes in the Bigg Boss season 3 is today. Cheran leaves the Bigg Boss house. Losliya is emotionally broken down when she was hoping to leave the house. She thinks Cheran is more deserved than her to stay in the competition. Vanitha is broken down too as she thinks this is the most unfair judgement by the people. She no longer believes that justice will be served. Aside the eviction announcement, many interesting events takes place in today’s episode.

Kamal begins his monologue by registering his thoughts on today’s education system in our country where the humans have to be taught how to think, how to socialize in life which are more important than Physics and Math. And Bigg Boss is turning into a lesson that everybody has to learn. He meets the contestants unannounced and surprises them. He catches Sandy who is enjoying his leisure time before meeting Kamal. Frooti caller of the week asks Kavin that why his name has never come up as Best performer or suggested for captaincy. Kavin says he never realized or thought about it that way. Kamal asks why he came forward to nominate himself for the next week’s eviction nomination. Kavin admits that he hasn’t done a good job with the luxury task. So, it is fair that he is nominated as the worst performer. Kamal asks about the if the decision to choose best performers happened with unanimously. Tharshan speaks out that it wasn’t unanimous. Sherin joins him hesitantly. She says Cheran and herself were deserved to be named as best performers as Sherin and Vanitha did almost same amount of effort. Vanitha clarifies that Tharshan did the task with complete dedication even when he is hurt and continued to contribute. Vanitha said she also hurt herself when playing the task but she didn’t fuss about it for a moment. As a mother of 3, after undergoing many surgical procedures in life, she stayed at one place to do an effective job. She didn’t take time to rest. She did it with utmost dedication. Hence she feels she deserved to be the best performer. Cheran add on that Vanitha is the first person who took the initiative as a Captain to make the fellow contestants learn to cook. Cooking is a very important knowledge to anyone and it is a majorly valid point to consider as a potential best performer. We hope they keep this initiative alive and continue even in the upcoming weeks without holding any grudge towards Vanitha. Kamal helps the audience to see the point in their decisions. Kamal also takes part in Sherin’s concern for not being included in the boy’s gang. They wear same t-shirts and show off themselves as a group that is untouched from the house atmosphere. Sherin feels that even when she was their friend, she wasn’t treated like one. She wasn’t given the same t-shirt to make her feel worthy. Kamal asks Sandy for a reason and Sandy fumbles and finds his way out. He consoles her and tells that there is a Bigg Boss t-shirt coming on its way for everyone.

Kamal asks Sakshi to join him on stage and say a few words about the contestants. She says they all are playing well. They seem to find the reality of the game. She wishes them well. Sakshi tells that she has come out of the toxic relationship with Kavin at the righ time. Kamal deals with Losliya’s reaction to the caricature award event where she was called a chameleon. Losliya admits that it was wrong of her to react the way she did as she wasn’t given a good reason to accept the award. Kamal says that it is essential to consider the stage manner. Kamal also tells Mohan that one cannot expect respect based on just their age as it would only do much worse like provocation. It is essential to respect everybody regardless of their age. He keeps it colloquial and entertains the audiences.

He comes to the eviction topic. Mugen, Kavin, Cheran, Losliya and Sherin are facing the elimination. Mugen is confident that he will be saved. Sherin is anxious as this is her first real eviction nomination. Kavin is ready to leave the house. But when he is told he is saved, he is not happy. As he said, he is not here to win the game, he is only here to pave the way for his friends. Even he is happy, it would contradict his agenda. So he keeps it low key. Now when it comes down to Losliya and Cheran, everybody is tensed as they begin to think Losliya would leave the game as Cheran being the toughest contestant. They couldn’t choose between the two when they are asked who they want to save as they both are equally deserved. Cheran is contended by the game for 75+ days. He feels he has learned and experienced so many things in the house that are gonna come with him for life. He feels there is nothing new to learn anymore. So if the result doesn’t favour him, he says he is happy to accept it. The result hit the housemates hard that it does to Cheran. Vanitha, the bravest person in the house, breaks down as she will be losing a companion in the coming days. She also feels the people’s judgement is unfair as the most deserving person leaves the house. She feels that honesty has to pay a price to be in the game and it is absolutely ridiculous. Cheran consoles Losliya as much as he could. He also smooths things between Vanitha and Sherin. He asks them to take care of each other. It is hard on Sandy and Kavin too as they didn’t expect it.

Cheran bids goodbye wholeheartedly and leaves the house. He joins Kamal on the stage. He is happy he has got to experience this adventure by coming out of his comfort zone. He says every man needs his adventure to learn who he is. Cheran feels he has killed a demon called anger inside him. He is happy this experience makes it possible. Cheran talks with the housemates once again from the stage. He tells Losliya to take care. Kavin apologizes to Cheran for hurting him in anyway. Cheran feels no need for that as he doesn’t hold any grudeg towards anyone. He bids a heartfelt goodbye once again. Then, He searches for his family and friends among the crowd but they didn’t come yet. There is no need to as Cheran is not leaving the game yet. The secret room is offered to him to continue the game. The audiences and Kamal feels that he is the right person to use up this chance. Cheran, with a revived confidence, walks back the way he came to the stage to play the game with a winning spirit. Cheran settles down in the new secret room. He is looking at it as another opportunity to learn a new experience. Kamal tells him which is which in the room and bids goodbye from Cheran and us too. Cheran will play the game from secret room for few days. He has got a chance to observe the house from another persepective now. Let’s see if he learns anything new about himself in his new venture.

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