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Bigg Boss 3 Updates| Day 79| Sep 9

As Cheran observes the housemates from the secret room, he sees each of their thought process and how they act on it. Vanitha and Sherin are really disappointed that Cheran gets to leave the house and Kavin don’t who constantly wishes to leave the house. Sherin feels proud of her for successfully crossing her first real eviction process. The boys talk about Mohan and Sakshi who don’t reveal their true self even in their re-entry.

The next day begins. Losliya, Vanitha and Tharshan have to compete each other for captaincy task. Vanitha doesn’t wish to participate and tells Sherin that she would ask Bigg Boss if Sherin can take her place. Bigg Boss refuses to accept Vanitha’s proposal and tells her to continue to participate. Those 3 have to make half squat and balance 2 bowls of water without dripping it. Vanitha doesn’t participate and leaves the task. Tharshan also leaves the game and says that his legs hurt which doesn’t seem believable. Everybody asks Tharshan that he shouldn’t have sacrificed the task for Losliya as this would have hurted her. She wouldn’t feel worthy of the victory the same way Tharshan feels about his friends sacrifice their chances for him. Tharshan has a talk with Losliya that she has to prove herself before leaving the house as the captain. As Vanitha has pointed at many instances that Losliya hasn’t proved her capacity yet. So, Tharshan feels that it is the moment for her to shine as he is confident that he will get through next week’s eviction. Losliya feels that she would have played the task and owed the win to herself instead of him sacrificing for her.

Monday brings nomination. Cheran watches the confession room talks. As expected, Vanitha and Sherin is nominated. Losliya is the captain of the house for the week. Kavin is already directly nominated. Sandy and Tharshan join the club. They decide to share the chores equally between everybody. They play a musical chair game where they keep passing the ball and when the music stops they had to do a task that’s given to them in chits. Losliya eats one litre of ice cream. Tharshan drinks salt coffee. Sandy does an ice bucket challenge. Kavin’s head is knocked with a dozen of eggs. Tharshan eats a full grill chicken which waters Sandy and Mugen’s mouth. Tharshan enjoys his treat. Sherin’s face is black painted. Today, it is all about fun. Bigg Boss surprises the housemates with another 2 full grill chicken food to treat them. Sandy is excited and happy. Meanwhile, Kavin and Losliya speaks about their important life decision inside the house which they decided not to talk about until they leave the Bigg Boss house. Losliya is concerned that their relationship shouldn’t hinder both of their games. Kavin seems persuasive. Cheran points it out and talks to audience through camera that Kavin is being forceful to keep him safe from eviction process. He points it out to the audiences. Let’s see how they react once they see Cheran again in the house.

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