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Bigg Boss 3 Updates| Day 80| Sep 10

After 80 days into the Bigg Boss house, The contestants find an enormous relief after seeing Mugen’s family in the house. Today’s episode begins with slight friction between the trio – Losliya, Sandy and Kavin. Losliya is the captain of the house this week. She urges her friends to finish up their coffee and get on with their chores who usually sit beside the red door at the entrance. Sandy mocks her that she usually sits for a long time with them when she wasn’t the captain. Now, since she is the captain, she has changed a bit at approaching the chores. Losliya is hurt by such remark as she has already been feeling unworthy of the captainship as Vanitha and Tharshan didn’t honestly compete with her. Sandy’s remarks just stirs up her guilt and incompetence more. She leaves the place as it hurt ego but doesn’t show herself as hurt. Kavin talks for her to Sandy that everything can’t be fun when something hurt one’s feelings. Sandy is taken aback as he doesn’t mean any harm. Sandy apologizes to Losliya for which she tells that there is nothing to get hurt.

Bigg Boss gives a memo that there is going to be a task on-going at various points throughout this week. He will say Freeze, Release, Rewind and Slow motion just like remote control commands to the contestants and they have to abide by. Sandy is having fun when he is released and everybody is on freeze command. Mugen’s mother enters the house when all of them are under freeze command. Mugen overwhelms and doesn’t care about the task anymore. He runs towards his mother and wells up emotionally. He feels that he is at home finally at his mother’s shoulders. Other contestants also comes out of the freeze command before Bigg Boss’s announcement and joins in Mugen’s happiness. They all feel that they have met the mother of their own. Mugen gives her the tour of the house. He shows her his handcrafts products. To his surprise, his sister also enters the house. He is bewildered and feels extremely happy. He lifts both of the ladies one after the other to show how happy he is after seeing them. Cheran, who has been observing all of these events from secret room, wells up too at seeing this emotional reconnection. The contestants give Mugen and his family some space to talk alone. He enquires about from from home. His mother advises him not to lag behind in the game. His sister advises him that what he believes in the house is not true. Mugen is alerted and gets on with the house spirit. They get to enjoy Baby Sandy too for sometime. After a while, Bigg Boss freezes the contestants and tells Mugen’s family to bid goodbye to all of them. The contestants, now too, don’t care about the task rule and not under the freeze command. They bid a formal goodbye to the mother and sister and feel the emptiness once again in the house.

The contestants play a Basketball sort of game with tennis ball. Losliya is the referee. Vanitha lets out a high spirited game towards Sherin. Vanitha’s team with Mugen and Tharshan win the task.

Cheran is still in the secret room which the contestants are not aware yet. Cheran is asked to ask 3 questions to 3 persons through a letter. Cheran asks Losliya, Kavin and Tharshan. Bigg Boss announces that Cheran has seen the recent episode from outside and wishes to ask few questions. The question for Losliya is that Cheran knows that one of her emotional support is not with her right now in the house and how she is dealing with all that and if she wishes to have him beside her at any point in the house. Losliya breaks down at the thought of Cheran and still feels guilty that he gets to leave the house before she does. She feels guilty that she even posed him a question if it’s all a facade.

Cheran’s question to Kavin is that if it is right to talk about the things that he decided to take outside of the house. It feels like Kavin is forcing Losliya to answer him. Kavin says that he would stop talking about and he would do it only to respect the spirit of the game and his emotions are still intact. Cheran poses a question to Vanitha that he gets to see a person who appreciates patience in her during eviction nomination and asks her if she would continue to be the same way here onwards. Vanitha says that she just realizes that this is how the game should be played while others have grasped the trick long back. She hears Cheran’s point clearly and says she would work on it. Vanitha finds a loophole as they have just finished the nomination episode yesterday and Cheran could only know about it if he is in the secret room. Kavin talks with Losliya that he was just beginning to be happy and get on with game. He feels discouraged by Cheran whether he is inside the house or not. He feels intruded by others in his personal life. Talking about his love feels right to him, so he does it. He doesn’t see why it is not right and if it only brings down the morale of the game and their acquaintance outside the house. Let’s see how they react when they see Cheran as most of them figured out that he is in secret room, it is not gonna surprise them more. Let’s see who else gets to meet their family in this week.

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